A Cue for Love

Chapter 722

Chapter 722 The Tables Have Turned 1

“That’s why we must take the most drastic approach this time. We must boycott Dream Pharmaceutical in the name of the association and the pharmaceutical industry. I’ll not allow any tragedy to happen again before we obtain credible findings from investigations. That’s all I have to say!” As soon as Saunder finished his announcement, the crowd instantly responded with applause.

Thomas and Yara exchanged looks and smiled. They knew that Dream Pharmaceutical would fall from grace after this conference. There’s nothing they can do even after obtaining credible findings from investigations! Dream Pharmaceutical would have a hard time making a comeback since its reputation would have been tarnished by the time they had completed the investigations.

The host then said in a serious voice, “Thank you for your speech, Mr. Todd. Next, we’ll welcome Dexmed Pharmaceutical’s CEO, Mr. Thomas Nichols, to deliver his speech.”

A crew member passed the microphone over to Thomas.

Thomas cleared his throat and was about to deliver his speech. All of a sudden, everyone in the hall heard a screech that hurt their ears.


“What’s going on? What’s with the sharp noise from the microphone? Get someone to solve this problem right now!” Thomas’ expression turned grim as he yelled, but the screech was so loud that no one could hear him.

The noise lasted for quite a while. Once the microphone stopped making those sharp noises, a technician walked up to Thomas to inspect the device.


He attempted to distract the audience from the incident. Yet, his microphone failed to

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