A Cue for Love

Chapter 724

Chapter 724 The Tables Have Turned 3

Once again, the crowd was rendered speechless.

It was not difficult to tell that the man in the recording was Thomas, and the woman was neither Jennie nor Yvonne. Instead, the female voice in the recording clearly belonged to a frivolous woman who indulged in debauchery.

Many years ago, rumors had it that Thomas admitted his wife to a mental hospital after the unexpected death of his daughter. To restore his image, he expressed his love and longing for his wife and his deceased daughter through writings.

With that, he successfully restored his reputation in no time. That was why the public no longer paid attention to the rumor anymore.

This recording instantly ruined his image as a loving husband.


At that moment, Thomas, who spoke with great confidence earlier, gaped in shock as he sat in the middle of the panel with words caught in his throat.

the journalists started questioning Thomas, “Mr. Nichols, who is that woman in the recording? Is she your


her after acquiring Dream Pharmaceutical

been with you for the last two decades? But now you’re with this woman, and you even had a child with her.

to bombard him

press conference. The journalists had their eyes fixated on Thomas, hoping he

angry. She had poured her blood, sweat, and tears

all Dad’s

he looked suspicious and was hesitant to speak

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He has finally shown his

Yara bit her lip so hard that

her head. It’s time to ditch him! Don’t let him foil your perfect plan! You should focus

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