A Cue for Love

Chapter 725

Chapter 725 The Tables Have Turned 4

Deep in his heart, Thomas knew his relationship with Yeva would be his Achilles’ heel today.

He lowered his head and thought. Thank goodness Yara came out to divert the journalists’ attention. Otherwise, I’d be cornered by these people.

Before Yara and Thomas could take a breather, someone got on stage, to their dismay.

Clad in a pair of overalls, the woman walked in with her hands in her pockets and a cap on her head.

She then gradually walked to the center of the stage. When the journalists turned their attention to her, she removed her cap, revealing her long silky hair that draped over her shoulders.


Even though she was barefaced, she still looked as stunning as ever, thanks to her fair complexion and exquisite features. The crowd at the press conference could not help but be in awe of her beauty.

But what stunned the crowd the most was the uncanny resemblance between that woman and Yara.


woman exuded a more charming aura than Yara, who had heavy makeup on and wore pieces of luxurious jewelry. Although they were sisters, the latter was no match

the person he was eager to see. Instantly, love filled his eyes, and he

eyes were filled with delight when he looked

woman. He also knew that every time she made an appearance after laying low for a period, she would always have the

sweetheart is so gorgeous.

look like Ms. Nichols?”

looked at her sister’s facial features which were similar to hers yet better-looking, her heart

composed. “How did you come back? How dare you make an appearance here? Don’t you know what today’s press

along known that Natalie was not dead, but seeing her in person still stunned him. His jaw dropped the moment he

noticing how thunderstruck Thomas and Yara were, Natalie casually picked up the microphone on the table and said, “I’m sure you can tell that we look alike, can’t

Natalie Nichols?

journalists were rendered speechless when


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