A Cue for Love

Chapter 726

Chapter 726 The Tables Have Turned 5

Natalie stood under the spotlight with a microphone in her hand. Her words were so profound that they found their way into the crowd’s hearts.

“Before we hold Dream Pharmaceutical accountable, shouldn’t we first hold the hospital liable?” Natalie clicked on the presentation clicker and the screen flashed, showing another slide. “In the past few days, Dream has been shouldering the massive pressure of public outcry, but we have never considered stopping our production and sales.

She continued, “As the cost of this special medicine is many times cheaper than numerous other imported medicines, stopping the circulation will only burden patients and their families. For that reason, Dream had worked hard and cooperated with the authorities, but we didn’t expect that our competitors would use such underhanded methods to oppress Dream. From what I heard from the authorities, they still couldn’t determine if there was indeed an issue with Dream’s special medicine, but I supposed everyone has heard the recordings played earlier. I believe all of you are able to make your own judgment.”

Natalie met Yara’s gaze once she finished her speech.

After catching the delight in Natalie’s gaze, Yara clenched her teeth.


She did it on purpose. She chose to spring this on us when we were in the limelight as she knew the impact would be devastating for us.



I’ll give you some advice.” A gleam flashed across Natalie’s eyes as she said, “Give a thief enough rope, and


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noble and elegant figure slowly got up from his seat at that moment. When Natalie was in his vicinity, he reached out to grab her hand and wrapped his other arm over her shoulder, forming

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“S-Samuel, why are you—”

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deep-set features, dark eyes, and black trench coat gave him an unapproachable aura, serving as a deterrent

had the guts to mess with Natalie but not Samuel, so their chase came to a stop when they saw him taking her under his wing. Anyone with working eyes could see that

with Natalie in tow, the reporters turned their attention

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