A Cue for Love

Chapter 735

Chapter 735 Punishment For Failure

Not only was the public impressed with her, but they also admired her choice to continue producing and selling the special medicine under dire circumstances.

Given that everyone had no confidence in Dream back then, halting sales would have been the best option. However, when she considered the consequences the drug consumers would face, she forced herself to get the better of Dexmed Pharmaceutical by exploiting their weakness.

After they had discussed what the next steps were, Ross and Lia left, leaving only Natalie and Yandel in the office.

Since they were alone, Yandel spoke candidly, “Boss, I just received news during the meeting that Yeva met a terrible accident. She fell down and lost a lot of blood. Not only did she lose her baby, but her womb was also removed. She is currently in a coma and still in critical condition.”

As she sipped her coffee, Natalie’s gaze turned grim.


“Thomas couldn’t be any more selfish. Regardless of Yeva’s character, the child still belonged to him. To have done such a thing to her, I’m afraid he has implicitly acknowledged…”

Even though she was mentally prepared for Thomas to do something drastic, she didn’t expect him to. This man has set a new low for his selfishness. How could he even kill his own child!


“Looks like that’s the end of the relationship.”

“What about Yeva?”

coffee. “If she doesn’t survive, it only means that she has paid the price for the choices she made. As for me, I’m not

“I understand.” Yandel nodded.

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“Boss, do you mean…”

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