Chapter 13


“I’m sorry I was late,” John said.

Cordy frowned, wondering if she was imagining it.

Somehow, this John was different from the usual John, who was more aloof.

Now, he seemed to feel emotions like humans do

Still, she wiggled against his hold, not sure what he was talking about.

“Did you get the wrong door? Let me go…”

Seemingly not feeling her resistance, John whispered into Cordy’s ear, “Now, I’ll always be here for you.

It sounded just like a promise.

“Look, just… ah!”

Cordy suddenly yelped as John abruptly scooped her up in his arms

Does he have some sort of fetish for carrying people?!

“You’d hurt your leg,” John said quietly into her ear just then.

Cordy was left speechless.

She actually thought that he was really drunk, but she somehow noticed her foot injury…

So, he was actually not drunk?!

Once that clicked, Cordy did not wait another moment and she started to struggle violently!

While John was not drunk, his body still felt a little floaty. Carrying her was no issue, but it was strenuous carrying her while she flailed around.

“Stop,” he said with restraint, but threateningly nonetheless.

“Let me down. I can walk on my own,” Cordy protested nonetheless.

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