Chapter 25

Did ‘good‘ mean that it was acceptable, or did it mean something else?

Still, Cordy was going to ask a store assistant to pack it up when another store assistant arrived with a breathtaking gown.

Mandy’s eyes lit up, and she promptly intercepted the store assistant as she exclaimed, “I’ll try that one!”

“I’m sorry, Ms. Jessop, but this one is reserved for Ms. Sachs.” The store assistant apologized.

“Why? I saw it first, and that makes it mine! I’ll try it right now!” Mandy snapped bossily, snatching it off the store assistant’s hand before she could agree to it.

Mandy held it over herself, measuring it–they had been shopping for a while, but this was the only gown that suited her taste.

“It’s so beautiful.” Noel fawned over it, feeling jealous because she had her eyes on it too.

“I’m sorry. Ms. Jessop, but this is tailored made for Ms. Cordy Sachs-”

“How much is it?! Mandy refused to hear a word of it. “I’ll buy it right now!”

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