Chapter 14

Kyle shielded Noel behind himself, looking utterly protective as he asked, “What are you doing here. Cordy?”

“To get my things,” Cordy said coolly–she really was numb to this pair, since they were not worth getting upset over.

Hence, she simply ignored their presence and walked straight to her desk, while asking Noel, “You really like hand–me–downs, huh? Why don’t you get a new one instead?”

The ambiguity of her words left Noel flushing, while Kyle tried to explain, “Noel is here to check out our fashion products for the new season. I only brought her here to visit your office–don’t get the wrong idea.” “Then what’s the right idea? To see you and her in bed?” Cordy sneered.

“I’m talking about work, not my relationship with Noel. Don’t get weird about this.” Kyle pursed his lips, even adding generously, “Like I said yesterday–you can return anytime you want. I will keep your position here, as a way of compensation.”

Cordy actually laughed.

Did he not understand that the only reason Jessop Corp was standing now was because of her?

Did he actually believe that she was reliant on them, and that she should be slobbering over his generosity?!

“Save it,” Cordy growled even as she held his gaze. I’ve already submitted my resignation to HR, and from now on, both you and Jessop Corp and me will have nothing to do with each other!”

“Do you really think you can do well without us? Kyle threatened her in return.

“Calm down, sis–don’t be so harsh to Kyle. There aren’t many people like him who care about their exes after breaking up.”

“I’m doing this for Noel’s sake too. I don’t want things to get awkward because we’ll be in–laws.”

The pair’s ability to harmonize left Cordy laughing despite her frustration.

“So this is what people mean by a bitch in sheep’s clothing.”

“Cordy Sachs!” Kyle snapped.

“Sis…” Noel murmured.

Even so, Cordy kept glaring at Kyle icily. “The only acceptable behavior from an ex is if they play dead- and I don’t need any compensation from you.”

Turning to Noel then, she continued, “As for you, don’t think what you’re up to. You would like me to stay here so that you can steal Starstream Group, don’t you? Don’t even think about it!”

These two were certainly delusional, trying to make her work for Kyle while trying to take away her inheritance?!

That was not going to happen!

How could you think of us like that, sis? We’re earnestly doing this for your own good. You don’t want our goodwill because of that firefighter, right?” Noel said then, while Kyle chuckled.

Such was Noel’s true strength–with her naive, innocent demeanor, she could say anything she liked while appearing to show goodwill.

And she was doing just that now.

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