Chapter 15

Noel was left feeling awkward right then.

In reality, the mysterious Lovely who ranked first globally had retained her crown for three consecutive years. Noel was far from reaching her level, and it was by sheer luck that she won fifth place last year.

However, that was enough for her to become a miraculous being at Starstream, with every employee worshiping her blindly.

Even so, Hank Rogers concluded among the murmurs of disapproval toward Cordy. “Why don’t you just be a macro manager instead? It’s easier for everyone.”

Noel was laughing to herself as he mocked ‘Cordy openly.

After all, she knew Cordy would not have it easy even after she reclaimed Starstream Group. Aside from Stephen Lang, everyone here were lapdogs to her and her father–they did not mind affording Cordy three months until she gave up.

“When I worked at Jessop Corp…”

“Sure, they are designers of high fashion here in North City, but you only worked in PR back then.” Hank continued to throw shade at Cordy, not even allowing her to finish. “You had nothing to do with designing. so it’s two different issues altogether. Please don’t bother to push yourself”

Cordy rose from her seat then, but while everyone thought that she would storm off after having enough, she remained perfectly calm..

Whipping out a USB flash drive, she plugged it into the conference room laptop and presented several slides.

“These are all Starstream fashion lines over the past two years. It’s very obvious that nothing much has changed over each passing season in the last two years, and the design Ms. Noel Sachs presented is now at the point of being identical. I’d think she was showing me last year’s draft if not for the change of dye.” “It’s been the trend for the last two years.

Noel wanted to argue, but Cordy scoffed. “Didn’t you get any inspiration while you were visiting Jessop Corp today?”

“I’m a professional. I won’t plagiarize another company’s work,” Noel said righteously.

“And I’m telling you that since this spring, the trends have been changing drastically. Here–take a look at the brochures of planned releases from several major international brands. I’m sure it’s not that difficult to tell that your designs bear zero resemblance to those trends.”

Cordy was ruthless, but that was because she could not bear with what Noel was doing.

Sticking to a single draft and milking it for two years? It was no surprise that Starstream’s performance in the market kept failing.

Noel’s expression darkened even as Cordy shut her down, but it was true that she lacked inspiration and had not been putting an effort in her designs over the last two years.

Naturally, once Cordy exposed her in front of everyone, she had no retort.

heads of department were all loyal to Noel, they could not lie through their teeth with such solid evidence thrown in their faces.

Cordy slapped them in

your department would only go into production. after my assessment. Also, you have one week to prepare a new draft. Submit it personally to me by next Tuesday.”

summaries I asked, I want them on my desk by nine

imposing words,

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“Every department manager is Simon’s lapdog. How I would like to shake

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fire a handful as a demonstration to the rest. That said, the priority is to get rid of Fiona Lamb, or Simon would have eyes and ears on my every move.”

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loyalty stemmed from an obligation to repay his debt to Cordy’s

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office in Levine Ventures HQ, Randy Martin was standing behind John. Randy had this nagging feeling that his boss was distracted, but did not dare to ask.

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“Yes, Mr. Levine?”

over there?” John asked right

Over there?

Over where?!

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around the globe for a split second before inspiration struck him. Mrs. Levine!

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go ask,” he said and left.

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