Kyle headed to Sachs Mansion after leaving the hospital, with Simon Sachs asking him urgently, “Did Cordy agree to annulling your engagement with her?”

Kyle shook his head, his eyes fixed on the adorable yet docile Noel Sachs as he said mildly, “We’ve broken up. The annulment would just be a matter of time. Sorry to keep you waiting again, Noel.”

“No, it’s alright.” Noel shook her head, her eyes twinkling with tenderness. “I’ll be happy as long as I’m with you, Kyle.”

Kyle’s heart certainly turned into mush from her tameness—he was right to choose her!

Still, he restrained himself and said, “I was just going to visit Cordy, but she was with another man—that firefighter from last night.”

“Old habits die hard, huh? You should have dumped her from the start! She doesn’t deserve you!” Simon snapped shortly.

Kyle nodded—Cordy was certainly too filthy!

“Honestly, let’s not bother with her already. She can do whatever she likes—I’ll just pretend I never had such a shameless daughter!” Simon scoffed ruthlessly at the mention of Cordy before changing the topic of conversation. “I heard a while ago that John Levine, the scion of Levine Ventures, has just returned to the country. You should meet as Starstream Group’s CEO when you have the chance, Noel.”

“Are you letting me take over the company, Dad?” Noel asked a little excitedly.

After all, Cordy’s mother was the one who founded Starstream, and this meant that she would be taking what Cordy desired most.

“Thank you, Daddy! I won’t let you down!” She hurried and showed her determination.

“Of course I trust you,” Simon said affectionately.

“By the way, the Levines are the richest family in the city, aren’t they? John was also said to have a child abroad, but there’s nothing known about the mother?” Noel asked in curiosity.

Simon nodded. “Word is that his grandfather Alan Levine was taken ill, and Alan has asked John to return and take over the family business. John’s been bringing the Levines’ business in the foreign market to new heights, and his acumen for business was said to match even Alan’s. You’re around the same age, Kyle, so try to make his acquaintance—the Levines basically own North City, after all.”

“I’ve spoken to my father about it myself—I will visit the Levines once John formally takes over,” Kyle said humbly.

“He’s only twenty-seven, right?! But he’s already so young and successful… I wonder what he looks like?” Noel murmured to herself just then.

meet him then,” Kyle said as he watched her. “What, are you interested in

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greeted her respectfully. “I am John Levine’s valet,

is Scarlet. They are professionally trained maids that Mr. Levine has brought to assist you, and you may order

instructed, “Girls, present Ms. Sachs’ lunch, please.”

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