Chapter 16

It was now Cordy’s fourth day at work.

Things did not go smoothly like she thought, but it was not so bad that she could not manage.

While the department heads did submit their respective department summaries after the meeting, it was perfunctory at best-Simon Sachs must have put them up to it.

Fortunately, she had always stayed in touch with Stephen Lang, who constantly updated her on details about Starstream Group. She merely called the meeting to get a read on the department heads-that would make dealing with them easier down the road.

Nonetheless, Cordy was scowling at the moment because she received a call from a number she abhorred.

She waited until the very last moment before answering, and she was immediately scolded from the other end. “Not answering my calls?! Your mother never taught you manners, did she?!”

“Your cal!? Sounds more like a dog barking to me,” Cordy scoffed.

“Did you just call me a dog?! You insolent little wretch! You’ll get what’s coming to you!” Plum Lang’s voice became shriller by the minute.

“Then shouldn’t I stay away from you? Don’t need collateral now, do we?”

“You little…” Plum was left speechless from utter aggravation just then.

That was when Simon took over and barked furiously. “That’s enough from you, Cordy! Watch your attitude -that’s your own grandmother you’re talking to!”

“Then what attitude should I have?” Cordy asked in return.

Was she supposed to be smiling and fawning a woman who abused her and her mother?!

Simon did not waste his breath arguing, and cut to the chase. “It’s her birthday this Saturday and she’s inviting you home to celebrate. Be there or be square.”

Cordy actually smiled.

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