Chapter 29

There was no reply this time.

Cordy pursed her lips and turned toward Richard. “Your daddy is working overtime tonight. Would you like to come home with me?”

“Okay!” Richard actually appeared excited. “I would like to visit your home, Mommy

Cordy smiled and patted his little head adoringly.

Arriving home, she put on a cartoon for him while wondering what to cook for dinner

Although she had lived abroad for years, she was too busy trying to earn a living to cook for herself. It was beef jerky when she did not have money, and takeout when she did.

And after thinking about it, she decided on takeout–she would not have to worry about the food either when it was from an expensive restaurant

She sat beside Richard, making her orders solemnly

“Can I change the channel, Mommy?” Richard asked just then.

“Sure,” she said, and pointed at the remote lying just ahead.

Richard picked it up and started switching the channels, while Cordy continued to swipe through takeout


before she finally put away her phone and saw that Richard had tuned in to a science channel, which was

that, Dicky?” she

Richard replied, as if it was only

that was that.

had dinner together

meal and even helping Cordy clean up the table afterwards. He then

they nestled

suddenly exclaimed, pointing at the star actress making an appearance on the show

asked offhandedly. “Do you


good eye,” Cordy said–Zoe was certainly beautiful, and

too,” Richard

Is that so?”

Richard nodded confidently.

watching TV

yawn, Cordy could not

getting off

a bath, and I’ll be there soon to take


had this feeling as if she had been

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