“Of course!”

Cordy certainly came to like Richard a lot after spending a week with the boy. “I’ve left you my number, so call me anytime you miss me. I’ll even come to meet you when I’m free.”

“Liar, liar, pants on fire…”

Cordy dropped to a crouch then, which took her considerable exertion.

Nearby, the nonexistent man was left frowning as she tenderly tousled Richard’s hair from the same height as the latter. “Yes, pants on fire.”

Richard beamed adorably then and gave her a peck on the cheek.

The nonexistent man frowned even harder then.

“I have to go now,” Cordy told Richard with a tender look.

“Okay, Mommy. Don’t run or you might fall,” Richard called after her sweetly—the boy simply refused to stop calling her that even after a week.

When Cordy tried to, Richard would become alarmed, thinking that she was abandoning her, his little eyes turning red and welling with tears from misery.

It certainly stopped Cordy from being stubborn—the boy would get it when he was older anyway.

As she limped out alone from her ward on her crutch, John kept following her.

She wanted to stop him more than once, but she held her tongue.

It was not until they reached the main entrance that she spoke. “Mr. Levine…”

However, he simply walked past her, opening the door of the black Maybach parked in front of her like a gentleman.

As Cordy frowned, he said, “I’ll give you a ride home.”

“I shouldn’t trouble you. I can get home by myself.”

“I have a car,” he insisted simply.

Cordy stared at him. Was he bragging?

“It’s no trouble,” he added.

Cordy genuinely found it difficult to talk to him, but she compromised regardless.

He seemed to have this mystical ability to stop her from refusing, though refusing was just going to be a waste of time—it would never work.

As she got into the luxurious sedan, John asked, “Where do you live, Ms. Sachs?”

Garden,” she

she returned to the country,


nodded and slowly drove out of

was when John suddenly leaned toward Cordy.

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her put on her seatbelt, and she was left

he said evenly, “You don’t have to clench your fists, Ms. Sachs.”


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“Don’t worry, Ms. Sachs. I’m

Cordy was speechless.

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to hold back just then, she blurted, “How did you get a kid

said it—she was not close enough

to look at her and held her gaze for

thought about changing the subject, John said, “It was against

could happen to a burly man who

guess she’s quite assertive.” Cordy tried to play along.

nodded, glancing at her again with


to change the subject—she was also curious as to why

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dumbfounded again—someone dumped a man as

bear your child?” It just did

never wanted Dicky,” John said coolly. “She was actually going to abandon him

felt as if it was cut by a blade right then. She did not even want to imagine the scene where a newly born Dicky, so young and defenseless, was almost dumped without

to separate yourself from a woman like her,”

stared fixedly at her, as if there was something

cheeks self-consciously. “Mr. Levine?”

the back of his head to her for the rest of

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unpleasant relationship, it would make sense that he would be in

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said as she maintained her

“Take care, Ms. Sachs.”

Cordy replied, while feeling

was slightly worried that John would insist on walking her to her apartment unit. Her tolerance toward strangers was already at its limit after he brought her

was certainly considerate, and she actually felt less wary toward him—even though she should

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