Chapter 18

Simon was still under the impression that his relatives were all impressed by the video he put together and he was relishing the thought until he noticed Plum glowering.

Noel quickled dashed up the podium just then, anxiously pointing at the screen. “Dad, Dad…”

Simon turned around and almost got a stroke when he saw what was playing on screen.

It was all records of his affair with Fiona Lamb!

There were not just photos and videos either, but also records of their cringeworthy text conversations.

It was such a thorough expose that Simon had zero dignity left!

He eventually came to his senses after a long while and barked at the technician, “Shut it down! Shut it down!”

Stunned, the technician quickly did as he was told, but everyone had already seen what they needed to


“Who did this?! Who?!” Simon was bellowing in rage up at the podium.

turning pale from

she somehow ended up thoroughly humiliated in front of all their relatives! Sue Yorkman, who was sitting beside Plum,

she could do was shed endless

just then in an effort to

be served. It’s obvious I was framed, and it’s all just some high-quality photoshop! Don’t let this nonsense affect

made a beeline to his seat, huffing

“I don’t care what you do out there, Simon, as long as I don’t find out. But this? In front of everyone?! I don’t want you

“Mom, it’s just-

you’ll deal with that woman. Make sure that you root her

through tears

Plum snapped

celebration, only for every one of them to end


What a disaster!

to bear with it with

seated at another table with

the Sachs’ family rule that the most senior members of the family sat at the main table, followed by sons and grandsons, which meant the likes of

was taking her time as she

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