Chapter 30

After Richard made the gesture, he noticed Cordy blushing and he looked at her in adorable confusion.” Mommy? Why is your face red?”

Cordy only blushed harder from his stare, finally understanding that children had no filter

She quickly said, “Wait here. I’ll get my clothes-you can wear them for now.”

“Okay Richard nodded tamely.

Cordy picked up a T-shirt that just reached his knees, dispensing the need for pants.

She carried him to her soft bed and blow-dried his hair, just as he became even sleepier and started nodding off.

By the time Cordy was done, Richard lay sprawled on her bed, asleep.

Cordy’s heart was gushing with warmth at the sight of his adorable face.

She straightened his tiny frame and pulled a blanket over him, and leaned in to kiss him on the forehead.

After dimming the lights, she picked up her phone and texted John. “Dicky’s sleeping. Why don’t you come get him tomorrow instead?”

this time, and Cordy took no mind after waiting for

went for a shower, and the

front door and saw via the monitors that John was


opened the door and directly said, “Dicky is

darted straight to

flushed-she was still in her bathrobe, which

did not even


pursed his lips as the door abruptly slammed shut in his face, while Cordy raced to her room and changed into conservative casual wear Drying her hair a little and then tying it up haphazardly, she quickly rushed

of male loafers, though John glanced at


looked around, and

them on before

Do you want me to wake him, or you’re

John cut her short

stared at him, and then at the large

It was already ten.

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