The vast meeting was filled with Starstream Group key executives, and Noel was standing on the podium.

She was about to speak as she assumed the post of CEO when she suddenly noticed Cordy standing at the door, and she froze.

Simon, who was seated in the middle of the front row, turned around to look when he saw the weird look in Noel’s eyes.

He glowered the instant he saw Cordy and sprang to his feet, storming toward Cordy with a look of disgust and contempt as everyone else looked on. “What are you doing here?!”

“This is my mother’s company. Is there a problem?” Cordy asked in return.

She was calm but no less imposing, and she was certainly not cowed by Simon.

“I don’t want to argue right now,” Simon snapped impatiently. “Get out of here right now—I don’t have time to waste on you today. Whatever it is, you can tell me later!”

However, Cordy shared the same sentiment and simply walked straight into the conference room.

Noel watched as she did so, her eyes flashing dangerously for an instant.

Still, an angelic smile appeared on her face the next second. “Hey, sis! Did you come to see my appointment as CEO? I’m so glad!”

Cordy actually thought that it was a waste that Noel was not an actress.

Simply ignoring her, Cordy whipped out a document in front of everyone and made an announcement.

“Greetings, I’m Cordy Sachs. I have come to Starstream to assume ownership over the company as per my later mother’s wishes. I’m grateful to my father for taking care of the company before my return.”

The conference room was left in an uproar right after she spoke.

What?! Starstream actually belonged to Cordy?! Then what did Simon and Noel amount to in the company?!

appeared unconcerned about their shock. “Starting today, I have full control over Starstream. I hope I have

bowed, although it was a gesture to assert

left standing awkwardly on the podium, still holding the speech she prepared especially for this occasion.

staring at Noel—this was the first time she was left looking like a fool,

take over Startstream Group today, only for Cordy to give her a slap across the face!

always got anything she wanted even as a child, with Cordy ending up

suddenly welled with innocent tears as she asked gingerly, “Do

about Starstream, so why would you suddenly want to take over? I even heard from Kyle that you fell for a firefighter the other day, and that you might be in trouble?”

seemingly offhand comment left the executives in

so horrific that she caused trouble just to get money for her lover?! Did she not feel embarrassed?!

a million dollars right, so get out! Don’t ever show up here—you

impression that Cordy was short on money, but she laughed despite her rage.

the other hand, Noel was upset to hear that Cordy would be given money. From her

company in return, she said, “I can wire you the money today if you need it urgently—I just hope

like how you hooked up with my fiance?”

“Kyle and I never did anything like

Jessop certainly must not be exposed, since both their families’

Stop trying to distort the facts!” Simon barked. He then whipped out his checkbook to quickly write a check.

check and

at it and slowly arched her back

thinking to herself that Cordy was a gold-digger like any other

the check. Then, she tore it into pieces

over hundreds of millions! And you’re brazenly telling me to

to Simon’s face, putting him down and leaving him utterly awkward

face fell, surprised that Cordy

any outstanding tasks and to pack your things,” Cordy snapped. “Or

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