Chapter 31

Cordy was speechless-she was under the impression that John had missed her message “Then what are you doing here?”


Cordy somehow had no comeback against that.

“Where’s the bathroom?” John asked.

“My room,” Cordy replied-she was living alone and did not need a shared bathroom, so she just had it cleared for a study instead.

John entered, glancing at Richard, who was sleeping soundly in bed, before heading inside the bathroom.

Cordy was going to turn and leave when she remembered something, and she dashed toward the bathroom just as John was about to close the door

John raised a brow “Ms. Sachs “”

Cordy flushed again-she had left her clothes and undergarments in the bathroom after showering

at once, looking flustered as she held them behind

was looking with a

was about to turn and leave again,

and flushed once more-he was holding her bra, even flapping

it? And he picked it up?!

be simply picked up from the

his hands and left as if fleeing, her ears

of the bathroom, Cordy was on the couch, having calmed herself

were adults and it was nothing to be

to send John away,


socket and plugged it in before saying, “I’ll help you dry your

for taking care of Dicky, and for

way more than enough,”

from the boutique about the payment,” John replied. “Even if I’d rather you didn’t wear a gown bought with someone else’s money,

actually impressed that he could act so natural even when

said nothing else and untied her hair to dry

only the sound of the hairdryer and a pounding

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