As John’s eyes twitched, Randy continued, “Noel Sachs was supposed to be appointed as CEO, but was left downtrodden after Ms. Sachs crashed her party. I wonder if things would go smoothly for Ms. Sachs after she took over, however, since Simon Sachs and Noel were in charge all this while.”

Randy then noticed his boss tapping his long fingers on his desk intermittently.

Cordy must be special to him, or he would not have risked his life to save her from the fire.

However, John had always been distant toward women, but that somehow changed right after he returned to North City.

Still, Randy would never dare to pry in his boss’s private affairs, and he simply stuck with the man’s preferences. “Should I try to smooth things out for her quietly, sir?”

John was quiet for a movement. “She went in alone and managed to claim ownership over the entire company. That means she knows what she’s doing—that means we should trust her.”

“Of course, sir,” Randy replied respectfully.

He thought then that the woman his boss had his eyes on would certainly be no pushover.

Cordy had just gotten home from Starstream Group when her phone abruptly rang.

She glanced at the caller ID but answered it anyway.

“Why did you do that to Noel?” Kyle started complaining the instant she did. “What happened between us has nothing to do with her. If you have an issue, take it up with me. Don’t bother her.”

In short, Noel already complained to Kyle.

Still, Cordy was used to it—Noel had always been a specialist in playing the victim and causing rifts between everyone and Cordy.

“You give yourself too much credit, Kyle Jessop. I’m just taking back what’s mine.”

“Look, Cordy—you just have to tell me if you need money,” Kyle continued earnestly, ignoring her. “We may have broken up, but that doesn’t mean you can’t work at Jessop Corp. I never said anything about dismissing you. You don’t have to hurt yourself like this! Just come to work as usual, and we’ll pay you what you’re due.”

Cordy inhaled sharply in turn, knowing that there was no reasoning with him. “This is the last time I tell you this, Kyle! My mother left Starstream Group to me, and Noel has no stake in it at all. Even if I don’t want it, I’d rather liquidate it and donate the shares to charity than allow a mistress’ daughter to touch it! Also, I’ll no longer work at Jessop Corp. I’ll pack my things at the time, but you can have it thrown out if you don’t like it—there’s nothing worth keeping. Last but not least, don’t try to humiliate me with money. You’d just make a fool of yourself!”

With that, she hung up on him without giving him a chance to retort.

Kyle was left sitting and scowling in his car.

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