Chapter 32

Ever since they met, John had never told Cordy about his family-only his name

“I am,” he admitted regardless, and he asked, “When did you notice?”

“Just now,” Cordy replied. “It’s not that hard to notice. Your last name is Levine, you’re a single dad, and there’s your extravagance. The only thing that doesn’t fit is…”

As John raised a brow, she finished, “You’re better looking than the rumors say.

“You flatter me.”

Cordy said nothing to that, but she was just spitting facts.

“I did not want to hide it for you,” John said earnestly.

Cordy, however, did not mind-they were not close enough to have to tell each other everything.

In fact, she was just asking because Alan Levine’s birthday was on the 17th, and she had been eager to find out why John had asked her to make time on that day.

“Well, there’s this guy who keeps insisting that I’m a firefighter, and you might think that I’m deceiving you. That’s why I planned to formally introduce myself on the 17th.”

tone, but the

hard for Cordy to figure out who he meant. “He’s blind-always has

chuckled, seemingly content with her opinion of Kyle.

I’m afraid I’ll have to leave Dicky with you

nodded. “Bye,

off, Cordy

there was someone else in her bed after so many years-it

the sight of Richard’s little face as he


arrived, Cordy made two portions of a very simple


obviously burnt the eggs slightly, which

finished breakfast when the

opened the door to find Winston standing outside, a respectful expression on his face. “Good morning, Ms. Sachs. Master John has asked me to pick up Master Richard because he will be busy with a client

he not attending

he’s just returned to the country,” Winston replied. “However, he will be attending grade school around July-Master John has already found a private school for his son.”

Cordy said nothing.

offhandedly-Winston did not have to tell

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