After a while, Randy told John it was the time for the meeting, and John left his office.

Kyle—who had been waiting in the guest room—watched as all the executives walked past from behind the glass wall.

“Is that Mr. Levine?” Kyle asked.

Debbie the secretary glanced at the people outside, and quickly said, “Yes, Mr. Levine is on his way to a board meeting.”

Kyle lowered his teacup and studied the people outside, and Randy just happened to turn around.

Kyle quickly smiled and nodded in greeting at Randy.

Although Randy was frowning, he nodded politely and followed John into the elevator.

Randy certainly did not know that Kyle could not see John from his perspective, only that everyone else was walking behind Randy.

Kyle returned to his seat in turn to wait for ‘John’.

Levine Ventures would soon be establishing the biggest commerce guild in the world in North City, with a building to be completed soon. Since Jessop Corp’s main business was high fashion and they were looking to get involved in electronic commerce, they would get a good spot soon if they built a partnership with Levine Ventures early on.

However, John spent the entire morning at the board meeting.

When Kyle asked at noon, he was told that John had left for lunch with a partner and would return in the afternoon.

When he asked in the afternoon, he was told that John was at an on-site survey, but he probably would return.

When he asked in the evening, most employees in the building, including John, had already left work for the day!

Kyle’s face was left ashen.

He was the scion and the CEO of one of North City’s top corporations, and yet he ended up being stood up by John for an entire day. Even if Debbie kept apologizing, he felt that John was deliberately messing with him!

And he had no grudge with him!

Furious, he stormed out of Levine Ventures headquarters and got into his car, and that was when he received a call. “Noel.”

“Hey, Kyle! I heard you spent the whole day at Levine Ventures. You must’ve had a pleasant meeting with John Levine, right?” Noel asked fawningly.

Kyle’s expression darkened as Noel continued. “I’m going to have dinner with Mandy. Would you like to join us, or are you eating with Mr. Levine?”

“I’m fine. You girls enjoy yourself.”

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glowering after hanging up.

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Cordy was planning to order takeout for the night when her phone started

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exclaimed from the other end, Cordy’s words were left stuck in his throat.

missed you so much, Mommy. Daddy and I are

Cordy was speechless.


limped out to the entrance of the apartment block on her crutches, where John was leaning against his all-too-conspicuous Maybach, somehow

could already see a crowd around him. Men, women, young, and old—they were all staring at

his gaze finally showed focus when he saw her, and he strode toward her and took

he scooped her up in his arms the next instant and headed toward the car.

more stares, but Cordy took a deep breath

the car, Richard called out

smiling sweetly at Cordy, and her heart always softened every time she saw

just three days since they were apart, but Richard promptly gave her a big hug while exclaiming excitedly, “I missed you so

I am.”

We should

“Of course.”

the restaurant, Richard and Cordy

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they arrived at the restaurant, a waiter led them to a window

Cordy blinked just as

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having a happy conversation with Mandy

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