Chapter 21

With Fiona gone, Cordy had help from Stephen Lang to select a new secretary, Vince Cartman. He was young and academically qualified, and had not joined either faction in Starstream Group since he was only recently hired.

And as instructed, Noel arrived to present her drafts for the season in the vast conference room. But even as she elaborated on the details, she lost confidence by the minute under Cordy’s watchful gaze

She certainly had to admit that she did not have the inspiration to create a design out from scratch–even if she was given another week. Her design was fundamentally stuck to her old ideas, and the minute adjustments she made by borrowing inspiration from others left her designs less than outstanding. “Do you think this is going to fly, Ms. Sachs?” Cordy asked as she took a sip of tea.

It was only natural that Noel came up with an excuse beforehand. “Personally, I think trends matter, but that does not mean we should lose our brand’s individuality. What’s wrong in keeping our uniqueness?” “Individuality? Uniqueness? I don’t see what’s unique aside from the logo of our company. From where I’m standing, this is just a mashup of various trend templates, and it’s only more laughable that it somehow still failed to clear the passing mark.”

While Cordy’s words embarrassed Noel, her subordinates–from her deputy and supervisors–were certainly on Noel’s side.

Faye Lang, the deputy director of design, promptly snapped, “Our director did all she could. She just couldn’t meet your ridiculous demands! Why don’t you personally instruct us if you’re so dissatisfied?”

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