Chapter 33

“Really?” Richard asked.

“Of course,” Cordy replied-it was Alan’s seventieth birthday tomorrow, after all.

And with that assurance, Richard happily left with Winston, while Cordy quickly got changed, put on makeup, and went to work.

She had just entered her office when Vince Cartman approached her and presented an invitation. “Ms. Sachs? Mr. Alan Levine from Levine Ventures is celebrating his birthday tomorrow, and he has sent you an invitation.”

Cordy opened it casually, and saw her name written on the card with outrageously artistic calligraphy

For some reason, she was sure it was John who wrote it.

The door suddenly opened, and Cordy looked up to see Noel entering. I need to talk to you, sis.”

Cordy sent Vince out of the room while handily hiding her invitation.

Noel snapped right then, “I had something to do and left work early! You didn’t have to put on notice that I skipped work on the company’s administration portal, did you?”

She flew into a rage the instant she saw the notification on the company’s official portal-she was the CEO! Being reported for skipping work? Everyone would be laughing at her!

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