Chapter 22

Simon was certainly skeptical

Still, considering that Cordy must have had a hard time getting anything going or trying to manage

Starstream Group with various head of departments reneging, did she smarten up and decided to appoint Noel, so that Noel would keep them in line?

Simon thought then that it was all Cordy amounted to… To think that he believed she could achieve anything for a moment!

Smugness showed on his face as he barked, “Appointing Noel is certainly the best move you can make to rein in Starstream! She’s worked there for years, and she’s naturally no greenhorn like you!”

“Thank you for your advice.” Cordy played along, though she found it ironic herself–appointing Noel was really just a bait for them to come at her!

“Oh, and do you remember Bryson Zimmer-”

“You don’t have to worry about my private life.”

She hung up, but soon her phone rang again.

Cordy did not answer it, and she then received a text from Kyle. “Noel just called me saying that you appointed her as CEO. I’m glad you can put the past behind, since you’re Noel’s sister I’d really feel guilty. if I caused a rift between sisters.”

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