Chapter 34

The regal banquet hall was already crowded, as almost everyone in North City’s high society showed up.

Noel appeared utterly excited as she entered with Simon Sachs, Sue Yorkman, and Sonny Sachs.

When it came to an event organized by the Levines, the average enterprise would never make it in, just as bigwigs would refuse to bring a child they did not like. As such, being able to show up here was a status of one s status and importance.

It was the greatest honor!

“Noel!” Mandy was calling to her from a distance.

“Dad, I’m joining my friend now.”

“Go,” Simon told her, not forgetting to remind her, “Be careful. It’s not your usual banquet tonight-watch your manners.”

“Don’t worry,” Sue assured him proudly. “Noel has been a good girl ever since she was a child.”

Simon nodded in pride as well, while Noel made her way toward Mandy.

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John Levine himself!” one of the rich kids suddenly said.

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guess you’re still the best among us.” The rich kid sighed. “I was refused immediately when I asked to

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back to life, all by himself. He’s an important man

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“That’s a promise!”

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