They did not hang around after dinner—John sent Richard home to his babysitter first before returning to the car and sending Cordy home.

“You didn’t have to go through so much trouble, Mr. Levine. I can actually take a taxi home,” Cordy said politely.

“It’s no trouble,” John said flatly. “I’m not driving anyway.”

Despite what he said, the chauffeur felt a little awkward and thought that he should just disappear just then.

Cordy could not say anything against it either.

The journey back to North Garden was quiet.

As Cordy opened the door, she remained sluggish since walking with crutches was really inconvenient. Naturally, John could walk around the car and help her up in gentlemanly fashion just as she got out.

Cordy held her tongue and she said gratefully, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” John said as he helped her out.

Cordy started to limp away until she suddenly paused, looking him in the eye and saying, “Mr. Levine.”


“What they said were true,” she said, her voice too quiet to read how she was feeling.


“I got pregnant at eighteen and had a child out of wedlock—umph!”

Cordy’s eyes widened as John suddenly wrapped his arms around his waist and leaned in to kiss her lips.

She was so surprised she forgot to resist!

All she felt was that unfamiliar sensation over her lips and it seemed to be getting hotter…

Cordy abruptly pushed John away, finally realizing what he was doing!

Her cheeks were hot, but she could not tell if she was embarrassed or angry.

“I thought you said you’re not that type of person!” she exclaimed.

Sachs,” he replied,


poor wording, she quickly corrected herself,

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worried that you’d doubt me.”

don’t doubt you…”

cut her short.

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you believe me now, Ms. Sachs, you don’t have to reject me


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really fine?” Randy asked awkwardly.

“What was that?!”

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