Chapter 36

One of the rich kids nearby suddenly said, “Hey, isn’t that Kyle’s girlfriend?”

He was acquainted with Kyle and had therefore met Cordy a few times. While he knew that she was beautiful, Cordy was so dazzling tonight that he almost did not recognize her

“Did you come with Kyle? I’ll go get him.”

He was certainly kind enough-anyone would have a heart when it comes to beauty, and he felt a hint of sympathy for her.

Even so, another woman nearby scoffed. “I wonder what Kyle was thinking, falling for her!”

“Their wedding was canceled because of a fire, wasn’t it? Someone up there didn’t want Kyle to ruin. himself over her…”

Cordy listened to the mockery with apathy and no reaction.

Having gotten used to it, she genuinely thought nothing of it.

However, just as she was about to reach into her bag and take out her invitation, Kyle arrived with the rich kid.

received a tip that Ms. Sachs came in without an invitation. May

was a flash of savagery in his eyes as he

you doing here, Cordy?” he exclaimed, looking utterly surprised “I thought you

sneered he was clearly denying that he brought

since she had a hard time accepting

his reaction now brightened

was confirmation for everyone that Cordy sneaked in, and she would be humiliated if word

The woman nearby scoffed even

the joke of

ago-no one would remember her if she wasn’t dating Kyle Jessop…”

get her out of here already.

the attendant in turn told Cordy bluntly, “I’m sorry, Ms. Sachs, but you

her golden invitation and

watching was stunned-they could not believe that Cordy

their parents or


took it respectfully and opened it


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