Chapter 862 Spoke At Long Last

“Oh, well!”

Renalia heaved a sigh.

The maid was just about to speak further when she realized that Ryker had actually walked in. Such terror struck her that she hastily placed the food down and left.

Ryker glanced at the maid who hurried out before saying to Renalia, “Renalia, is the food I had them prepare to your liking?”

His voice was filled with concern as though he wasn’t the one confining her.

In response, Renalia rolled her eyes at him without saying anything in return. She had long since gotten accustomed to his pretentiousness.

a single word to him. No matter how great the agony inflicted upon her, never once did

casually sat down at

Oh, there’s steak.


with Renalia. However, Renalia kept mum, so it was as though he was

a few bites, Ryker


like he’s aware of his identity, hoping to come and save you. I actually hope he’ll

her initially expressionless face. It was fleeting, but even so, Ryker managed to

of that, Ryker grinned

I couldn’t do anything to you, but now, I’ve got a nephew. Say, if that nephew of mine begs you to

that God was on his side. If it weren’t for this nephew of mine who

brimmed with hatred as she glared at the man who was guffawing maniacally. She knew that he

son, I’ll haunt you even in

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