A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 577 Am I Old

Elijah was startled, wondering that was the little girl thought he was old.

Elijah's face instantly sank. According to the rule that successful people were generally 12 years older than their wives, he wasn’t old based on the fact that he was only 9 years older than her. At this moment, he was not confident!

But Elijah, who was 27 years old, was much older than an 18 years old girl!

"You think I’m old?" Elijah said deeply.

"You are older than I am." Esther asked directly, “What's wrong? Are you younger than me?"

"Do you think I'm older than you and want to find a younger man to be your husband?" Dissatisfied with Esther's answer, Elijah said coldly and turned to look back at the girl who was shaking her feet.

"Are you angry?" Esther looked at and burst out laughing.

She looked at Elijah, raising his eyebrow. He had reasons to be angry. Esther, the little girl seemed to think he was being too old for her, making him less confident!

Esther looked at him with a smile. "Elijah, you are so cute!" she laughed.

At this moment, Elijah’s face darkened as he glared at her.

Esther fell about laughing, shaking her head. Her eyes twinkled with excitement. "Compared with me, you are really old, but a man should be mature. Don't grow old too fast. Otherwise, when I get older, I will take a fancy to the younger one and ditch you! Then that's your fault! Now you have to work hard to keep fit!"

As soon as she turned her head, his hot breath sprayed on her ears. She could not help but panic and shrink her neck. She was about to turn back when he quickly lifted her chin with one hand, and the kiss swept over like a storm with an urgent demand and a bit of hegemony.

Esther, however, stood there, motionless.

Although she had been used to his intimacy and see the hickeys on her every day this week, she was still a little shy. “No, no! This is the school... "

This was school, and she never expected him to kiss her so eagerly. She hurriedly tried to break away from him.

Elijah, however, ignored her struggle, and he wanted to announce that she was his woman!

"Don't think I’m old!" He finally let go of her till he was satisfied, then whispered in her ear with his arms around her.

Esther held him with her arms instead of struggling.

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