A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 578 Fallen in Love with Her

Elijah suddenly approached her, took her hand, and whispered in her ear, "Baby, I can stand up very well! Do you need me to step up? "

Esther was stunned, and she suddenly realized what he meant. She shyly pushed him away. "Elijah, you’re so annoying.”

"I can share it with you! If you really need me to stand up, you can release the heavy burden in your heart!" he said in a deep voice as usual. His tone was so low, just like his cold face. She wondered if he had two personalities.

"Elijah!" Esther growled. “Don't be saucy with me."

"Let's chow down!" Elijah straightened up and said in a deep voice, "Didn't you say you were hungry?"

He first took chopsticks to help Esther clip a nutball and reached to her mouth. “Have a taste of this!"

Esther opened her mouth and swallowed it. “It's delicious!” she exclaimed.

Elijah’s heart moved when she swallowed the pine nutball. There were honey stains left on her lips. Elijah suddenly bent over to kiss her and lick the honey away.

"Eh!" Esther blushed, "Elijah!"

"It's delicious!" He began to eat as if nothing had happened.

Esther was startled, thinking that how could he pretend to be cool after taking advantage of her. It was so hateful.

When he said it was delicious, it was unknown whether he was talking about her lips or the honey!

Esther picked up her chopsticks. In front of her was a big table full of delicious food, which was just like the whole fish dinner she had with Ethel that day. But today she was going to eat organically grown foods, which looked fresh and pleasant.

Out of the window in the distance, green mountains and clear water came to her view.

As she enjoyed the scenery outside, Esther couldn’t help thinking when Hudson would move on, hoping that he can be happy with Winnie. At that time, she would be relieved.

A moment later, Esther leaned on Elijah's shoulder and said, "Elijah, Hudson is my elder brother. You should respect him! When you see him, you should address him respectfully.”

Staring at Elijah's angular side face, Esther obviously felt his face sank, knowing that she upset him again. How could such a proud man address Hudson respectfully?

But anyway, Hudson had suffered a lot, and would it be so unfair that Elijah gained without paying?

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my family, I'll hate you!" Esther pursed her red lips and shook his arm coquettishly.

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smile. “Elijah, don't mention the word "Dad" to me, OK? Don't you mean to be my family? You can be

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