A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 582 Lunatic

Seeing that he swallowed back the words, Esther was comfortable and asked, "What do you mean? Did you ask me to come back today to help you with the land? Not to invite me to dinner? "

"No! It's not like that.” Christ managed a smile and explained quickly, "Never mind. Let’s go downstairs to eat!"

Esther was very uncomfortable as she didn't like any invitation with a purpose. Without speaking, she put on a long face. But she didn't give the check back to him, given that it could save a lot of people. Besides, he was not lacking in money, so she decided to be a money-grubber for those who needed help.

They went down the stairs.

Esther stopped talking.

Four people were sitting at the table.

Esther and Hudson set aside. At the table, Hudson had helped Esther to pick her favorite dishes. Whether she was Esther or his sister, he had always taken good care of her.

But Esther seemed to be in no mood to eat. During the period, Christ tried to break the deadlock, but Esther said nothing, making the atmosphere more embarrassing.

"Esther, why don’t you eat. The dishes are not to your liking?" Hudson didn't know what she said to her father upstairs, but he was worried about her.

"It's OK. It's delicious!" Esther smiled, she had been used to cover up her emotions with a smile, especially in the presence of Hudson.

"Dad! Give me some money! " Ethel suddenly said.

Everyone was stunned, including Esther.

"Our charity has run out of money. Borrow us first! We’ll pay you back!" said Ethel.

Christ was stunned, "What? How much do you want?”

"Millions, I’ll make a quick turnover!"

"I have three million here. Take it!" Esther handed the check over. “Here you are!"

Ethel was surprised. “This is what daddy gave you?"

"Well! But it's not for me, it's about to donate! For good!"

"OK! Good for you! Dad never does a good deed, but you succeed in reaching an agreement with him! Good, great. Then the money will not be returned. Dad, I need more. How can three million be enough? We are a family. I’ll give you a discount. How about seven million!" Ethel suddenly turned his eyes treacherously, staring at Christ's more iron face.

Esther was stunned and said, "Never does the good deed?"

Hudson was speechless.

"He was asking too much! Did

problem, Hudson?" Ethel smiled at Hudson and reached out to Christ. “Give me the money. You have a daughter. Is it worth 10 million? It's going

speechless, staying himself out

you seven million for Esther's sake, and you

you are so generous!

I give it to you?" said Christ. “Have you shown any respect to

you can get it now so that I'll leave soon! I'm full, Esther. I'll send you back, or do you want Hudson to

also wiped her

wrong today. Maybe he could

Ethel waited.


replied. “No, Hudson, Ethel

could give her a ride

needed him as she used to be! There was some loss,

motionless. Ethel sighed that it must be very hard for Hudson who found out the girl he had

you do something


and Christ’s eyes

to eat elsewhere. Would you like to go?" Out of the

him in dismay. “Why didn’t you

You look very unhappy!" He

forest in J City to build villas, and

had rejected him, but He doesn't give up! Besides,


that piece of land! Do you think it's so easy to get

that?" Esther asked,

work for him?" Ethel looked at

he give it to you? You are the person in charge of the charity department, and I am no longer an employee of your staff. Now I am a student, who occasionally does good deeds. But don't ask

has no money!" Ethel was trying to find a way. “In fact, what we can do with the strength of

go to the midnight reincarnation bar to find some

want me to be a gigolo?"

Anyway, you have

I'm kind.” Ethel drove

stopped laughing and said, "How about holding a meeting to raise funds next time? Like people did on TV! Stars are willing to do good deeds to improve their image. Some fans are willing to pay. It’s a

idea! Let's go.

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