A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 583 Cunning

However, Esther shrugged, turned to leave, and ignored him.

Philip was somewhat stunned. Why did she ignore him? Didn't she come to chat him up? As Esther walked away, he could not help but rush up to pull Esther's arm. "Wait a minute!"

"Why?" Esther stopped and looked at him. Her gaze fell on his hand which was holding her arm. She broke free quickly.

"You want to go after you meddled?" Philip was annoyed by her movement.

"So what?" Esther didn't give in. "You can’t let me go?"

Just then, four men in suits appeared suddenly, stood in front of Esther, and said respectfully, "Madam, do you need help?"

Esther was stunned and scared by them. "You?"

"Master commanded us to protect you!" One man explained.


Philip didn't expect that she had got married at such a young age and pursed his mouth in disappointment! He did mistake her since she had got married. Philip curled his lips. "What's your name?"

Esther said to the four men, "It doesn't matter. Go to handle your own business. I can handle it myself!"

They didn't dare to defy Esther, so they obediently stood aside.

Esther looked at Philip and smiled faintly. " You have bodyguards. So do I!"

"I didn't expect that you had got married at such a young age!" Philip put on a faint and charming smile. "I just want to know your name."

Esther pouted. "I won't tell you!"

"You…" Philip had never been rejected.

A man hurried to see Philip, and whispered respectfully, "Master, we did not find Miss, and Madam passed away ten years ago. Tonight…"

"Book a hotel! We live in G City tonight. You must find her!" Philip said in a cold voice. The evil smile on his face disappeared. Instead, his eyes darkened. He frowned, pursed his lips, and gave out a domineering and noble vibe. He was not so lecherous as before!

Esther paused, shrugged her shoulders, and waited for him.

"What's your name?" Philip turned his head and asked Esther.

"I cannot tell you! Goodbye!" Esther turned her head and walked away.

Philip didn't go after her.

"Shall we go back to the hotel?" The tall and burly man in black asked respectfully.

follow me!" Philip looked at Esther's back, frowned slightly, and

so dazzling that no one could look directly at him. He walked out slowly and his footsteps were heavy. A

“Christ Perry!”

Philip whispered!

He clenched his hands!

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indifferent look,

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the sun was setting, the shadow fell on

G City said a girl named Crystal Perry had lived in the orphanage, but

a grieved look and repressed the trembling voice, "Try

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from his pocket and opened it with his trembling hands. An emerald bracelet was wrapped in the brocade.

put it in his pocket, and strode forward as his

her. His figure was bleak and lonely in the sunset.

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and found herself too meddlesome. She even felt sympathetic

Philip walked up

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Philip turned to leave.

depressed as if he was crossed in love. Esther turned her head and said, "Since you like that

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looked at him suspiciously. "So, why are you acting like this? You are not crossed in love? Well! It's not my business? You would rather suffer than lose face. I don't

to go?" Philip stood before Esther and grabbed her by the wrist with great force.

that warmth passed to her heart from his fingers. It was

to let go as if something came to his mind and put his

and broke free, "Don't

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drinking with me?" There was a hint

sighed, "Go to find that girl. She loves you so much!

saw Ethel's face when the window was down. She instantly waved hands. "Why are you

Ethel glanced at Philip, frowning.

first!" Esther waved her hand at Philip.

instantly hid his

mistaken, that man in the car should be Christ's illegitimate son and Hudson's younger brother! They seemed to be very close. Philip

Who is that man? Do you know him?" As soon as

him!" Esther

What if he is a playboy?" There was concern in Ethel's voice.

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