A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 584 Women Can Easily Get Hurt

"You mean the two in the mall? I can't stand that man! So, I stand up for that woman. You should praise me for what I did! Why are you so angry? Don't you think that I'm very righteous?"

"Is it a trifle to you?" Elijah glared at her. "I think you're too meddlesome."

"That man is not so angry about me. I don't understand why you are angry."

"Esther!" Elijah shouted and frightened her, "Why did you yell at me? I don't want to be deaf. So, you become a grumpy man after going to Korea?"

"If you poke your nose into someone else's business next time, you'll be grounded!" Elijah clutched her collar in frustration and put her on the sofa, "Go to take a bath. You're stinky!"

"Really?" Esther looked at his angry face and smelled her clothes.

She was sure he was angry, but she had no idea why he was angry.

"Smelly!" He uttered a word coldly.

"Elijah, you look sulky!"

"Shut up!" He said angrily.

He hurried back and called her but she did not answer his phone. He thought something happened to her and was very worried.

He could only call his men who were protecting her. His men reported what Esther had done recently, so Elijah knew that she poked her nose into others' business. She was such a meddlesome girl. Moreover, that man threw a playful look at Esther. Elijah was really mad.

"Elijah, I'll take a bath!" Esther pouted. "I can't figure out what is in your mind! Forget it. I'm tired."

It was not her business! It was impossible for him to never get angry.

"Do you know strange men can put you in danger?" Elijah stared at her back and scolded her.

"Are they more dangerous than you? You used to be a strange man to me. I can't think of a more dangerous man than you." Esther shrugged her shoulders and something came into her mind. she asked with a smile. "Are you jealous?"

He got up and walked over with a soft expression. "Never meddle in others' business again!"

She stared at him and asked curiously, "Are you really jealous?"

The corner of his lip twitched. He raised his dark eyes and bent his face to hers. "You want to have your neck broken?"

Esther was scared, shrunk her neck, and rolled her eyes. "I'm going to take a bath!"

When Esther went out of the bathroom in a bathrobe, Elijah leaned against the sofa. A ring box was on the tea table. Esther walked over and found he was still angry, so she pouted without saying anything.

Esther took the remote control, turned on the TV, and started watching it.

Since Esther came out and ignored him, Elijah was somewhat frustrated and could not help but purse his lips.

After she took a bath, her fair skin was watery and gave off an attractive fragrance. She didn't wear any makeup, but she was more pleasing to the eyes than those women dressed up.

and there was no deception in her world. She lived

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like a lazy cat, Elijah held her shoulder with one hand and lifted her hand with his other hand. He looked at the ring on Esther's finger and couldn't help but say in a soft voice. "Do you like

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Elijah said indifferently, "He wants the land

"You're right," Esther shouted.

ax to grind!" Elijah rolled his eyes.

you! I don't want to be bothered. I'll never go to the Ball family for dinner!" Esther felt very uncomfortable because the Ball

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"You wish he wasn't?"

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happy life!" Elijah

"I have no mood!"


Cole recover?" Esther felt stressed when she thought of it. "If she doesn't recover, I'll be very guilty and sad! I cannot

“It was at 10:30 already. You should sleep. Do you have class

strolled for a long time. "You carry me back to the room.

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