A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 585 Gentleness

Though Esther was pure and simple, what Lena had said reminded Esther. Esther felt a bit worried in the morning.

After class, Esther did not have a meal but rushed to the hospital.

In the ward.

Elijah was still there.

When Esther arrived, she heard Elijah talking to Kattie in a very gentle voice, "Kattie, you can stand up. Don't worry. I believe you!"

Elijah was talking, but Kattie didn't reply.

Esther didn't knock on the door until it became silent inside.

"Come in!" Hearing a low male voice, Esther took a deep breath and pushed the door open.

Only Elijah and Kattie were in the ward. The oxygen pipe had been removed. Kattie was quietly lying on the bed. She was a beautiful woman. Even though she had been lying on the bed for so many days. Her big eyes were still beautiful and she was wearing a quiet smile.

It could be seen that Kattie was a graceful woman!

"Esther?" Elijah looked at the clock. "Class is over?"

"Yes!" Esther went to the hospital bed, bowed to Kattie, and apologized sincerely, "Miss Cole, I'm sorry. It's all my fault. I make you lie in bed for so long! You must get well. Otherwise, I would be guilty of the rest of my life!"

"Never mind! Kattie can't talk yet. She needs time to recover. She won't blame you!" Elijah didn't expect that Esther would bow to Kattie and gave a sincere apology when she came in. Elijah felt both pleased and worried.

Esther looked at Kattie, who was rolling her big eyes. She looked at Esther and then at Elijah.

"She is Esther, my wife. I got married to her! Kattie, my wife hit you. She has been guilty these days!" Elijah explained.

Kattie's eyes darkened, but she turned her gaze to Esther and smiled.

"She doesn't blame you!" Elijah said, "I have told you that Kattie is the kindest person!"

Hearing that, Kattie chuckled. A hint of joy flashed between her eyebrows. Her face was unspeakably delicate and beautiful.

"Miss Cole, I'm sorry!" Esther apologized again. Thinking that what Lena said was not true, she was pleased immediately.

Elijah's phone rang and he went to the corridor to pick it up.

Esther sat in Elijah's position. Kattie fixed her gaze on Esther's face and then turned her gaze. It was hard to tell what she was thinking about.

The nurse came in. Esther turned to ask the nurse about Kattie's condition and treatment.

Kattie's family members could go to the office to get a form, so Esther got up and went out. Elijah was talking to the doctor on the staircase. Only when Esther got close could she

"When can she speak?"

knows you!" When Dr. Wilson

after being taken good care

take care of her after class and

Dr. Wilson left.

seemed to be very worried, so Esther suddenly turned around and hooked around his neck, "Don't worry. I'm sure she'll be

for a moment, put his arms around Esther, and said, "Sure, she

to take the form. By the way, does she have family members? Why don't they come to see her? Why

orphan! She has saved me, and I am her only

stunned and nodded. "I

thought Esther was also

took a look at


When she saw Elijah, Kattie burst

and found that Kattie paid all attention to Elijah. Esther's face turned

the woman on the bed, whose face was delicate, gentle, and pale, Esther suddenly felt

Lena was right! Kattie

on Elijah and never turned her

there until three o'clock in the afternoon. Esther hadn't had lunch, feeling a bit dizzy. She found herself like a pig

them quietly. She had never been so silent

as Elijah spoke,

did not have to go to work, so


hungry!" Esther smiled and said to Kattie,


Esther left.

feelings in Elijah's eyes. Esther had not eaten lunch until three o'clock

to a canteen. It was closed. So, she bought a piece of bread in

bit dry. It was hard for

a shadow was cast on her. Elijah sighed. "Why didn't you tell me you haven't had

had lunch! I'm just hungry and having afternoon tea!" Esther smiled brightly and passed the

He felt distressed when seeing her bright smile. He stretched

you waste food?" Esther groaned. "I

you to have a meal!" He said in a deep voice,


blaming me for neglecting you?" He stopped and looked at her with

attracted by his dark eyes. She was fascinated by him. "Do you think so

go home! The nurse can take care of Kattie. We'll

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