A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 586 Kiss Him Back

Elijah pursed his lips without saying anything. He held her hand and then threw his arms around her shoulders. "They are not used up in one time. Take it easy."

"Well!" Esther was speechless. "I don't know you!"

He would let her know how great he was tonight.

Esther struggled along the way, while he held her tightly. They walked out of the mall and went to the parking lot.

On the way back, Esther sat silently in the car and did not talk to him.

Elijah drove with a happy expression.

She peeped at him.

Elijah noticed it out of the corner of his eyes and smiled. "Why do you look at me?

Esther's heart skipped a beat and said, "I am not looking at you. Be careful!"

Esther thought to herself. He had the guts to buy condoms in public. If it was shot by the reporters, there would be big news that could cause a sensation.

Thinking of it, Esther was a little confused since she hadn't seen any reporters recently. She turned her gaze at him, "Did you buy off those entertainment journalists?"

Elijah nodded. "Yes."

They stopped talking.

Esther went to the study to draw and did her homework after the bath.

Elijah did not see Esther after taking a bath, so he pushed open the study door and saw Esther drawing something by his desk. She was wearing a nightdress with messy hair dropping on her chest. Elijah couldn't help smiling.

Then he closed the door and went to the living room to call the doctor and ask about Kattie. He rested assured when knowing that she was fine. He made several phone calls to handle business and watched TV for an hour, but Esther was still occupied with her homework.

It was 8:00 p.m.

He could only walk into the study again.

Esther was doing homework about the composition of a picture. The professor asked her to draw thirty pictures. She painted very carefully. When she looked up, she saw Elijah.

"Have you finished?" He asked.

"Take a look. This is the typesetting of print ads. I'll be a designer!" Esther was very proud to present her work. "Is it good?

Elijah only took a look and felt she painted well. He didn't care about it, so he took it and put it on the desk.

good?" Esther asked and picked it up again, "Look at it carefully. Give me some advice or I can paint

over and picked

Give me some advice!"

whispered, "You draw very

a faint and triumphant smile as if he was looking at a

Esther struggled and tried to push him away. She was

Did she refuse him?

Esther instantly shut up and twitched her nose, "I

smelled her fragrance and felt her soft body, his desire

after we have

tired from having sex with you last night. Moreover, I had class in the morning, starved, and heard you talk to Miss Cole in a gentle voice in the afternoon. Why didn't you talk to me at that time? When do you just press against me when you're with

You didn't have lunch, but you lied. You should

me before. I thought that you didn't like talking. You just don't like chatting with young women like me, right?

words. He turned over, lay beside her, and put his arms around her. They were

me? If not, I'd better chat with other men, such as the strange man yesterday. He is as handsome as you, but

"Esther…" Elijah was enraged.

just kidding!" Esther said

a straight face. He got

be so mean! Tell me how you

grandfather thought I didn't live up to his expectations, so he drove me away. I just stopped eating to express my feelings. Then I fainted on the road. Kattie took me to

grandfather did that?" Esther was

"My grandpa

starved to death, but you still stand up for your

plan to tell Esther more about his identity. "Honey, you just want to listen

He found that he couldn't stand it since Esther was in his arms in her night

became nervous. Her watery eyes could arouse the desire of

to hers. "Close

stunned and closed her eyes subconsciously. "Let's

kissed her on the lips gently as if she was a treasure to him. Esther couldn't help but

kissed each other for several minutes. He didn't let go of her until she gasped for breath. Her cheeks were red, and her eyes

sleep with

her body.

suddenly kissed Esther

want to have sex with

with a wicked

girl!" Elijah suddenly kissed

and a shiver

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