A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 590 Worries

Elijah was startled, his heart seemed to be stung severely.

"Why? Why?" Her stern voice sounded with resentment was heartbreaking. "I am not your tool for venting!"

Tears slid from her eyes, Esther choked in pain, feeling aggrieved, sad, and all kinds of emotions intertwined. She didn't like this feeling, he was like a beast, what did he think she was?

Elijah raised his hand and touched her face slightly. Tears ran down his fingertips and fell on his palm. "Are you crying? Don't you want me to touch you?"

The pain in her body didn't make her cry, but his appearance did. How desperate he was. "I don't want you to touch me, get out! Elijah, you get out of here!"

"You don't let me touch you, so who do you think can touch you?" The sourness that had been suppressed began to surge uncontrollably.

"Anyone but you!" She retorted painfully. "You bastard, you have no humanity!"

Tears wet her entire face and blurred her vision.

Esther slid down from the chair, blood running down her thigh, it looked shocking...

When she saw the bright red blood on the white floor, she suddenly smiled sadly and laughed, but the laughter was full of pain and sorrow.

Elijah was also frightened by the consequences he had created, and reached out with a big hand to pull her, Esther yanked and broke free. "Do you still want it? Do you want to torture me? Okay, just take me!"

Esther was expressionless, she was just glaring at him, she didn't seem to be in pai, the pain in her mind had already surpassed the pain in the body.

"Babe... I..." Elijah wanted to explain, wanted to apologize, but the pride made him say nothing, he just suddenly hugged her, "I'll help you wash up!"

When he hugged her, she immediately trembled, like a helpless, flustered child, "I don't need you!"

Elijah's heart suddenly became a little lost. He had never been so hysterical before. He hurriedly hugged her, rubbed her messy hair lovingly under his jaw, and dropped his head to her ear, and whispered, "Let's go wash up. Be good! I won't touch you again!"

"I hate you!" She hated his soft tone, her body was hurting, and her heart was hurting.

"Hmm..." she couldn't help but let out a low sob from her throat, sad and sorrowful, making Elijah's heart ache as well. A faint sigh sounded silently above his head, as boundless regrets poured out.

He took her to the bathroom, washed away those bloodstains, he saw the traces that had been caused by him on her pale body, only then he felt that he was over the line.

And Esther, perhaps because she had been on her period, and she had anemia during her period, and now she was a little dizzy, the pain in her chest made her feel so tired and cold...

Closing her eyes, it suddenly went dark, her world was suddenly silent.

Esther who was sleeping quietly. She looked so petite at the moment, so aggrieved, her eyes were red and swollen, her mouth was red,

from the afternoon until

groggy, and then her body

her heart. Esther felt that she was

opened her eyes awkwardly, and saw the person beside her, with her slender and curly eyelashes faintly twitching twice, opening her eyes

Elijah drew her in his arms, frantically sucking her pale porcelain face, "Babe, does it

the scenes of yesterday appeared before her

all, didn't struggle or cry,

panicked and could hear no

down at her, her eyes

heart froze as if a basin

didn't look at

never before, her indifference caused him pain he had never had before, her expressionless face made him feel frustrated like he had never had before, and everything cut his heart like a

care about him, her heart was a little desolate, why did he suddenly become so

little afraid to face him. She was afraid of him! She was afraid

saw her being silent, he was shaking her shoulders with

her eyes and met his

There was worry and mixed emotions in those eyes, but she was suddenly scared because she had misunderstood him. How could he worry about her, and treated her like

herself awake and let her eyes see it more clearly! However, she found that her

tears fell on Elijah's hand. He was taken aback

a cold voice, with a slight

moment, tangled for a while,

knew she had class in the afternoon, but when Esther got up, she freshened up and without even looking at him. She was carrying a backpack,

his watch. It

called and said that she would not allow him to send her, she took the bus to the school by

relieved. As long as she went to school, she would be in


got on the bus alone and declined Elijah's driver. She knew that someone was protecting her in the dark, and there was always a

bus arrived at school, she got out of the car and saw a car tracking her not far away. She walked around under the school's bus stop sign and got on the

thinking that she had entered the school, so the car also drove into the

call and learned that she was skipping

go to

her, but her

location, he discovered that she was in Lena's place, and Elijah

house and played with Oscar. The little guy was extremely excited. After he got better from a cold, he babbled and

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