A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 591 The Night is Getting Longer and Longer

Instead, he chose to wave his hand and took a cab.

Elijah did not stop her. The Veyron car followed Esther slowly. Esther knew that he had been following her.

Esther got out of the cab after she reached her apartment, and the Veyron also followed her.

She didn't look at him and just went upstairs.

It was strange that Elijah did not go upstairs.

Esther went to wash her face and then she looked at herself in the mirror, smiling sadly. Her slender, thin back seemed to have unbearable loneliness and grief!

Without a reason, she missed Hudson suddenly!

She missed the days in Switzerland and the United States! It was just happy and simple!

Esther smiled sadly with sour tears in her eyes. She watched her tears falling into the basin, resulting in the mark of ripples and she lost her senses gradually. Hudson didn’t call her anymore these days. He was her elder brother now and she had already married Elijah.

She was no longer the Esther in the past!

Elijah didn't come back until she had taken a shower and changed clothes. She opened the door, and a strong smell of smoke flew in. It seemed like Esther didn't see him. She changed her pajamas and sat on the sofa to watch TV.

Once again, seeing the deep mourning on her face where her smile faded, Elijah sighed in a bad mood without saying anything.

Esther watched the TV and her tears rolled out of her eyes suddenly.

Elijah took off his coat and sat on the sofa.

“Crying?” He stretched his slender fingers and wiped away the tears hanging on her cheeks. Was she crying?

After a stunning surprise, Esther kept calm, turned her face away, and ignored him!

He didn't speak. Then, he sighed for a long time and went to take a shower!

Esther went to the study. She stayed there until late at night. When she came out, she saw Elijah sitting on the sofa, smoking a cigarette deeply.

Esther was about to enter the bedroom when he stood up out of the blue and hugged her. He stood behind her and buried his face in her neck.

Esther’s heart trembled without moving, struggling, or rejecting.

He lifted his head from her back and let her face him. Then, his lips printed on hers.

Esther’s heart tightened and she shrank subconsciously. She didn't want it, she didn’t want to be treated like yesterday!

He felt her nervousness and fear. His heart tightened. Then, his handheld her shoulders instinctively and his lips kissed hers with slight strength.

eyes, struggling in her heart. Should she

instinct, she raised her hand and pushed his face. Then, she

stared at her eyes. She was

at her for a minute, he then stroked her face, “Alright,

saying that, he turned around and sat

him blankly. Her tightened heart relaxed a bit but

to the bedroom and slowly laid on the bed. She turned off the bedside lamp

couldn’t sleep, she found that she was unable to sleep. She wanted to sleep but she couldn’t

go out? She turned on the bedside lamp, the clock pointed

Esther was stunned. It was empty. Elijah had gone

getting longer

Elijah. When he rushed to the bar, Elijah was drinking alcohol sullenly by himself, not eager or slow, with


had become Ethel's sister now!’ Elijah frowned for her new identity and said

left the little girl at home and came out by

poured some wine and pushed it to Ethel. Elijah

the most unbearable thing and he could not help but

kind of women do you think will have an affair?” Elijah twitched the corner of his mouth

‘What did Elijah mean for

couldn't help but his voice just

snorted coldly and took another sip

that kind of person!” Ethel spoke confidently.

“You care about her?”


if she were

am telling you today, if Esther weren’t my sister, I just have to get her! Who would not like such a little cute girl? You left her at home, you are hateful!” Ethel glanced at him but this joke made Elijah stunned for a moment. Then, Elijah finished a glass of wine suddenly. “Okay, no kidding, let's go! You ran out for a drink in the midnight, it's damn wrong, is this

Elijah was not leaving.

“Are you suspicious of Esther? She is not that kind of person. Elijah, Esther is a very simple girl.


girl is under a lot of pressure. She will slap herself when she is alone and she will talk to herself too. How can you just leave her alone at home? If you don't want


Elijah was so depressed, his sympathy surged. “You are usually such a smart person.

to prevent her from lying?” Elijah simply said his confusion. He was

“Lying is such a small problem, you come to drink for it? Lying is such a common thing, men and women in love are crazy! This is the most reasonable saying. I lie every day and what's wrong?

his suit jacket and prepared to leave. He called Ethel to come


move. It was four o'clock. Elijah

eyes and Elijah came back. She hadn’t fallen asleep, worrying about Elijah

was pulled and opened. Esther closed her eyes hurriedly and suppressed her breathing gently to prevent Elijah from discovering that

movement from the other side of the bed, Esther’s heart tightened. He went

nervously and he fell asleep with his back to

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