A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 592 Food Poisoning

"There're a lot of beautiful women in H Street, I have a fetish for collecting them, so naturally I can't miss this place!" Philip blinked mischievously, and Esther suddenly laughed.

"You're funny!"

"Get in the car, where are you going? I'll drive you!"

"Aren't you looking for the beautiful women?"

"I can find them another day!"

Esther shook her head. "No, I'll take the bus myself, thank you!"

After finishing her words, ignoring Philip, she walked towards the bus stop. It so happened that a bus arrived, and Esther boarded it.

She hadn't seen Kattie for days and wondered how she was doing now!

The bus stopped at the hospital. Esther got off the bus and headed toward the inpatient building. She walked slowly as she hadn't eaten anything before she got here in a hurry.

The moment she walked in, she saw Elijah sitting by Kattie's bed in the ward. Seeing her enter, his expression was indifferent while she was a little embarrassed. A smile then bloomed on her face as she turned to Kattie and said, "Miss Cole, are you feeling better?"

Kattie was lying on the bed with gauze wrapped around her head. Once she saw Esther, she froze slightly and then smiled at her as well. "You, you're Esther!"

"Ah–you can talk now?" Esther was stunned for a moment, then rushed to her in surprise. "Can you talk?"

"Yes!" Kattie had been able to speak after waking up from the external ventricular drainage operation.

"That's great!" Esther almost cried with tears of joy. "It's all my fault for causing you to lie in bed so long!"

"It's okay, I know it's not what you want. You're scared these days too, aren't you?" Kattie's words sounded truly clear. Although the speed of her speech was a bit slow, it was unusually clear. Her voice was gentle and pleasant to listen to.

"It's my fault for causing you to suffer, you have to get better as soon as possible!" Esther sincerely held Kattie's hand and said, "Otherwise I will have a bad conscience for the rest of my life!"

"Okay! I hope I can recover too!" Kattie said softly.

"Mr. Perry, the doctor said that Miss Cole is ready to eat!" The caregiver came in from outside, and the moment she saw Esther, she greeted her with a smile. "Miss Price, you're here!"

Esther saw that she was carrying the thermos from the hospital in her hand, which should be the lunch prepared for Kattie.

"Give it to me!" Elijah took the bowl from the caregiver's hand and his gaze fell tenderly on Kattie. "Kattie, let's eat something!"

"Okay!" Kattie smiled tenderly, looked towards Elijah who was next to her, pursed her lips, and said softly, "Sorry to bother you, Elijah!"

"Can I feed her?" Esther asked enthusiastically.

in a deep voice, but when he looked at Kattie, his icy

little embarrassed and took a few steps

the rich and sweet smell, Esther's stomach also grumbled

dried scallop porridge, blew it, and fed it into Kattie's mouth while it was no longer scalding. Kattie said softly after swallowing, "Although it's not as good as what you cook, it's good enough to have such a taste in

get well as soon as possible. When you get better,

to Kattie, and watched him feed Kattie spoonful by spoonful, he was gentle. Thinking of Hudson also feeding her in the same way when she was sick before, she quietly turned her head to look out of the window. Looking

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"No!" Kattie said softly.

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Kattie said shyly,

the doctor say you're recovering so quickly? Bear with it, the blood can be circulated easily by massage." Elijah said in a low voice, looking sideways at her

such a scene, Esther

walking out the door and suddenly shouted, "Esther, you may go back. I

saw Esther turn back awkwardly, with a stiff smile on her face. While

eat now!" Esther thought that it turned out that Elijah's tenderness didn't belong to her, and she didn't even

fine with Elijah here," Kattie said considerately,

appropriate time to visit you!" Not knowing whether it

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saw that she had reached a chicken soup restaurant and Esther

it. Esther had no idea how much she drank; it seemed that when she was in a bad mood, she would eat a lot of food. When the big pot

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and a feeling of vomiting surged up inside her. Then she felt sick and wanted to go to the washroom. Fortunately, it just so happened that there

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didn't know what was wrong

indifference to her, she didn't want to make a fool of herself. Then, she thought of

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was chagrined

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the water, Esther was helpless. She left the toilet while she still had the strength to leave. She didn't want

the public toilet to the street, she couldn't help throwing up

Price is vomiting against the fence! She seems to be suffering from a stomach upset. A subordinate saw her go

the car, and when he saw the woman leaning against the flower bed fence, he couldn't help but frown, "What's wrong? Eat something

was so uncomfortable that she seemed to want to go to the toilet

glad that she still had the strength. When she stepped out of the toilet, Philip was waiting at the door. "Let's go to

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