A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 595 You Sure Are Having Fun

“Ok! I’ll go make the call!” Hudson stood up and walked out.

Elijah! Elijah! Esther smiled bitterly. He said he wouldn’t leave her, and it was bullshit. “Till death do us part” was a lie, baseless nonsense!

In important times, Hudson was still the most dependable person!

Hudson made the call and stood by the door. He noticed Esther’s blank stare as she stared out of the window. He stopped at the door and didn’t walk in.

This was how Esther usually was, just moments ago she was crying desolately. She would then smile brightly and relaxedly after she cried as if nothing had happened. Only when she was alone she would lick her wound. The wound in her heart hurt so bad it could probably suffocate her, but she still smiled. She looked out into the blue sky and smiled.

“Hudson, we should all live healthily and happily!” Suddenly, Esther turned around. She looked at Hudson who was standing by the door, “We must live happily!”

Hudson felt a twinge in his heart. He walked over while nodding, “Yes, live healthily and happily! Esther, you’re the best!”

But he noticed a hint of loneliness in her eyes, it hurt his heart.


Esther didn’t come back.

Elijah got back in the night and noticed that the lights weren’t on. Esther wasn’t home.

She didn’t come back!

Where could she be?

Elijah didn’t call her that night. His heart was getting heavy, he couldn’t believe that she didn’t come back!

Elijah sat in the study, smoking all night. The room was filled with smoke and it was all smoggy in the room, yet he didn’t stop smoking.

Soon, the sun rose.

But Elijah’s heart was lifeless.

As if his heart was a field that was burned by a fire until only ashes could be seen, and no life could be seen…

Esther felt better after an IV drip.

She insisted on going to class on Thursday.

Elijah got a call, he was informed that Esther went to class.

He couldn’t help but go to her school as she was about to finish school.

Esther had classes together with Lena today. Lena noticed that Esther didn’t look too good, she asked out of concern, “What happened? You didn’t attend classes for 2 days in a row.”

I almost died!” Esther pursed her lips, “Food poisoning, I still feel

can you be so careless?” Lena was concerned looking at Esther’s face which was as pale as a

good. How is it going with


walked out of the building, Hudson was waiting for Esther. He

Hudson can send you

job in the afternoon. I’m not going back right

“Then how about Oscar?”

She is helping me taking care of

great!” Esther nodded, “Lena, take

should get some

adieu like good friends.

all brightly. He couldn’t sleep all night, he was worried and he missed her, but she

her shoulder. He asked

anything! Hudson, do you think I lost my appetite because of the food poisoning? I don’t feel like

you’re sick. Let’s go get some appetizing snacks then! We’ll have it at home. I told Miss Griffiths to make you your favourite porridge!” Hudson opened the car door for her.

me back to

drove out of D University before the

into the car and Hudson grabbed a box from the backseat, “Esther, this is a new phone. You lost your phone not long

about the day when Elijah bought her a new phone.

you not have a phone for so long? Tell me immediately

wanted to call you, but my phone fell into the toilet bowl the moment

“I’m the first

taken aback, she nodded, “Yeah! Well, you’re always the one helping

“Esther, what about Elijah?”

with you for a few days?” Esther interrupted his question. She didn’t want to

Hudson nodded, “Of course!”

mind at all even if she wanted to stay with him forever.

charity banquet. He brought Esther with him, thinking about how she was in

he decided to help Elijah and Esther, as Esther seemed unhappy recently. Maybe their

hair salon to do her hair and she put on a cute dress. Her face was still pale and she

sat in a corner when they arrived. She ate the pieces of peaches from the peach tower one after another. The peaches from Japan were unskinned and pickled, the texture was nice and it tasted fresh. The peaches were naturally pink and the pyramid of fruits was dribbled with some fragrant and

but in the end, she still couldn’t help but put

it good?” Hudson looked at

It’s yummy!” She nodded, but she thought about it and felt like it wasn’t that

eat too much, let your stomach

Hudson!” Esther smiled brightly as she

entrance. Esther and Hudson looked up and saw a tall and lean man at the entrance. He was in a classic, limited edition silver suit, it looked flawless

sight immediately landed on Esther who was next

looked at him and met his eyes, her

and she being his companion for the night, as they were reported in the news the other day to be siblings. They were guessing why she wasn’t here with Elijah tonight and

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