A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 600 What an Affectation

Elijah looked away in a panic and said in a croaky whisper, "Then you should get up. Let's go out after dinner ..."

"Where are we going! I'm so tired!" Esther pouted and looked unhappy. "I don't want to go. It's all your fault for making me so tired!"

He glanced at her sexy body and sighed helplessly. Then he leaned over, wrapped his arms around her, and kissed her gently on the forehead, "It's okay if you don' t want to go out ..."

But she wrapped her arms around his neck in one fell swoop, "I want to go as much as I don't want to go. And I want to sleep as well as play!"

With her soft body pressed against his rigid chest, his heart skipped a beat and he breathed heavily. He gently pushed her away. Looking at her sleepy eyes, he resisted the urge to kiss her deeply and placed a light kiss her cheek, "You decide!"

"My throat is a little sore!" Esther frowned and rubbed her neck.

"Huh ..." A flutter of suppressed laughter came out from deep in Elijah's throat. Looking at Esther, who was annoyed, Elijah kissed her forehead lovingly. He wrapped his large arms around her waist while his chuckle came through, and then he spoke the answer, "Because you screamed too loud last night."

When he said this, anger rushed up to her delicate cheeks. Esther gritted her teeth and glared at the man who was smiling smugly. Even though they had already had the most intimate relationship, even though they had had the most intimate experiences outdoors or at home or in the office, damn it, she blushed subconsciously whenever he talked about making love.


"Elijah, from now on, you don't expect to get into my bed!" Her cheeks burned, but she didn't know whether she was angry or ashamed. Esther pulled the hand out of her body unceremoniously, while her little red face was full of annoyance. But as the cold, unfeeling cheeks had a shy blush, it had a charm that could not be described.

"I'm not really interested in getting into bed, only in fucking you." Although they were dirty words, Esther was suddenly stunned when they came out of Elijah's mouth. The strange incongruity made her laugh.

"Baby, we're not going out today, okay?" Her smile was not flirtatious enough, not sultry enough, but it made Elijah's heart swell with warmth.

"No! I want to get out!" Esther met his deep, wicked, teasing eyes and quickly lifted the covers to get out of bed. Unfortunately, a pair of large hands managed to wrap around her from behind, and his tall body pressed down heavily at the same time, heavily, causing Esther to raise her eyebrows helplessly once again.

"Elijah, get down."

"Let's get you on top." He smiled wickedly, not as cold and serious as usual. Elijah quickly put his hands on Esther's waist and sat her firmly on his waist, "This position might not be so bad."

"You pervert." She couldn't help but blush again. Esther stared helplessly at the man beneath her, "Let go. I'm really about to die of exhaustion."

"Baby, just once." He raised his cold face and pleaded with utmost innocence. Elijah suddenly pulled Esther downward and let her lean against his chest. At the same time, he kissed her passionately and quickly on the lips.

After the sex, however, it was more than two hours later. They lay panting on the bed. Esther's red-flushed face showed frustration and weakness. She gestured a finger at Elijah, "Didn't you say once?"

"Baby, if I really could only do it once, you'd be crying." Satisfied both physically and mentally, Elijah smiled with satisfaction and smugness as he was fed. He slowly wiped the water from his body just after the shower, while laughing flirtatiously, "Let’s go, you can sleep in the car."

understand how Elijah had such good physical strength, and she was just so tired that her body was sore and aching. Looking at Elijah in full spirit, she thought that it seemed to be him

raised an

"Not again!" Esther screamed.

fleeting. It was Monday

her to see Kattie, and as soon as they entered, Kattie's dark eyes lit up like a bright ball of fire at the sight

you recovering?" Elijah did not walk up but stood at a distance from the

her head and looked up quickly at Elijah again. "The doctor said I'll be out of the

at Esther. Seeing that her eyes were glued

ask the doctor to see if you can get out of

with Kattie, and it seemed that he had become indifferent. So she thought he might have really taken advantage of Kattie, and

you'll be out of the hospital next week, Kattie!" Esther was the happiest. Because it meant that the trouble she made

what it used to be. I'm only alive thanks to you! Esther, I really wish you had run me over and I would have never woken up. That might

think that?"

going to lie. I like Elijah. I've known him for over ten years, and I've liked him for over ten years!" Kattie looked on the verge of tears, but still confessed what was on her mind. "But he married you instead! My hopes are dashed! Forget it. If only you

her. "Kattie, do you really

the past. I don't like him now. It makes me happy to see you guys happy!" Kattie sighed, then took Esther's little hand and said pitifully, "Esther, will you come and see me

soft-hearted. "Good! I'll come

You don't get mad at him. Although I admit that I like him, but he does not like me! Don't worry about that! We've always

so bluntly, but somehow she still felt uneasy. She shook her head. "I

Elijah know about our conversation, okay? I

She had a crush on Elijah, yet she didn't want Elijah to know after she said it. She was so pretentious!

returned. There was no excessive expression on his face, and he looked indifferent as usual. "The doctor said that

"Yes!" Kattie nodded obediently.

I will go first!"

stunned and said, "I'm

head and looked at Kattie, while she said, "Forget it, Esther, you go back with Elijah. I'm fine! I don't

this afternoon. I'll stay with you!" She thought about that she had

your company. It will be great that you don't make a mess for her. Let's go!" With that, Elijah took Esther's hand and walked

fists. Looking at their backs as they left, her eyes were

promised to stay with her!" Esther said as she

you. You have too much

older than me! We have a generation gap too!" Esther shouted. Thinking about Kattie's words, she was a little annoyed,

two walked to the elevator. Esther pressed the elevator button and the two of them waited for

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