A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 601 Do You Love Me?

Elijah let go of her just when the elevator door opened, but before Esther could barely stand, he picked her up and ran straight to his car.

“What do you mean?”

“Don’t come here anymore, Esther,” Elijah said in a deep voice.


“She’ll be fully recovered soon, and you no longer owe her so there’s no need to keep coming.”

“But she likes you!” Esther’s voice couldn’t help but to go dreary. “Did anything happen between you two?”

Elijah raised an eyebrow, “What do you think should happen between us?”

What was going through her head?

“Okay, I believe you!” Esther nodded her head with sudden excitement, “And nothing can happen between you and her in the future! Also, you are not allowed to like her, it can only be me!”

“Of course I only like you!” A gentle smile suffused Elijah’s lips, softening his steely features. The sun’s light cast in through the front windshield and shined on his handsome face, as bright and handsome as a God.

“Keep your word!”

“Esther, married couples have to trust each other. Am I so unworthy of your trust?” Elijah’s tone sounded hurt. He stopped the car by the side of the road suddenly and turned his head to look at her.

“Why did you stop?” Esther glared at him.

Elijah met with Esther’s clear eyes and in a sudden, his tightly pursed thin lips slightly rose into a nice bewitching arc. A faint smile that could barely be found appeared on his stiffened face, “I want to know what you are thinking in your heart.”

“My heart?” Esther was dumbfounded, “What’s there about my heart?”

“Do you love me?” Elijah asked.

“Elijah Perry?!” Esther was stunned for a moment—Did she love him?

That moment of silence made Elijah laugh at himself. After all, she didn’t love him more than he loved her somehow. Ultimately, he was the most frightened one and the one that was most afraid of losing.

Elijah placed his hand on the steering wheel and was prepared to drive.

“Elijah!” Esther’s mind was in momentary confusion. She quickly grabbed Elijah’s cold hard hand when he was about to step on the gas pedal, stopping his movement. Esther wrinkled her eyebrows and asked, “Do you love me then?”

A deep low sigh sounded in the car. Elijah looked up and gently picked up her loose hair, a self-deprecating smile spread across his handsome face, “I asked you first.”

wrinkled even deeper. She looked at Elijah who

that was love, but she liked him. Watching Elijah being gentle with other women made her sad and her heart ached. Was that

person she loved was Hudson. Although her heart was racing fast and

two people in a lifetime? Or did she become

and shook his head, his face flashed a trace of helplessness. Elijah faded away from his usual coldness and locked his gaze quietly at Esther, he faintly murmured,

at his bitter smile, Esther’s heart jerked and arched slightly. She didn’t want to see his expression like

say something, but she didn’t know what to

Elijah smiled bitterly again, somewhat

panicked, “You? Then do

answered her with his lingering deep

released by him, panting, and until he drove away, Esther still didn’t understand what his answer meant. He loved her or not? What could a kiss

of a sudden after a long moment of

“Why?” Esther wondered.

“You don’t want to?”

empty in a house that’s too big.” Esther was afraid of being lonely, being alone and

Carr is at

talk about it later.” Esther

hospital on Saturday, Esther finally knew why Elijah insisted on moving back

turned out that they

to personally pick up Kattie from the

The doctor said

the day of discharge. The company had a celebration and when he came back, Esther was next door and Kattie was talking to her, “Welcome Esther, we are neighbors from now

spoke in was like a mistress, making Esther uncomfortable. She smiled

been five years. We’ve been living as neighbors after Elijah graduated college.”

and when she managed to see the sunken face of

key turning and Elijah walked in just like that. In his hand were the

smiled brightly and briskly

raised her eyes to look over, a little stunned that Elijah had the key to Kattie’s apartment. The Elijah today was wearing a black suit on his tall and handsome figure, his perfect features expressed a noble aura. Elijah smiled lightly upon seeing Esther and Kattie

me these days.” Kattie’s eyes kept looking at Elijah’s face

still have homework to do so I’ll head back first.” Esther smiled brightly, “Elijah, you stay and have

with her head down and Elijah was stunned for a

had already walked out

a seat, Elijah.”

on the coffee table, “This is your keys. I’m a little tired today so

more, “Then you head back and rest. I’m fine here

torn about why Elijah had the keys to Kattie’s apartment, but then she thought of what he had said about mutual

Esther took out her sketchbook and began to

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