A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 603 A Gift Delivered

“Then, I will be sick with it! I will be so sick that my inner hormone becomes imbalanced!” Esther took over the phone from Elijah angrily and said, “Eh! Kattie? Anything?”

The voice at the other side trembled and she laughed immediately, “Ah, Esther! I have cooked some soup and do both of you want to have some?”

“Thank you, Miss Cole. We have eaten already, and you can have it by yourself!”

“I am at the door already! And I bring the soup!”

Esther frowned, “Oh! I'm going to open the door!”

Elijah looked at her face which was as red as a ripe apple and it emitted a special fragrance. Her lips were kissed by him until they were red. When his eyes moved downwards, he saw that her white body was filled with his biting marks and bruises. But, at that moment, her face was getting more and more blushed. “Babe...”

“Don’t get me mad! I am angry now!” She wore her pajamas, “This method is not brilliant at all and she still wants to seduce a man. Let me chase her away!”

“Just ignore what she does!” Elijah said quietly, “She would lose her interest as time goes but would she not knock the door?”

“Urgh! If this continues, I will become sick of it! Before I lost all my interest in you, I need to prepare myself!” Esther tidied up her clothes and got down the bed. She walked to the door hurriedly and opened the door with a usual smile on her face immediately. She looked into Kattie’s big and innocent eyes.

“Miss Cole, we don’t want to drink the soup! Thank you! Elijah and I have something important to do and would you please not knock on the door again tonight? We don’t want to drink soup tonight. So, don’t call us too because we want to have sex tonight to celebrate your discharge from the hospital. Haha, I am sorry!”

“Ah! I am sorry!” Kattie smiled embarrassedly, “I am sorry! I don’t know I have disturbed you!”

Kattie’s face was blushed because she did not expect Esther to be so straightforward. At that moment, she was unable to say what she prepared earlier.

“Never mind, Miss Cole. If you are bored, you can look for a boyfriend and have sex with him! I am going in!” Esther sneered and closed the door with a bang sound.

Esther walked back to the bedroom angrily and Elijah was leaning his head against one of his hands. He looked at her bantering face to his surprise. “You got angry?”

In the bar late at night.

It was a great place to dispel stress by drinking alcohol. At a corner, Hudson drank the wine cup by cup, and the more he drank, the clearer his mind was.

At another dark corner, a middle-aged man saw Hudson was drinking continuously then he said to his subordinate behind him, “Fetch me a bottle of 82, he would want to have more later. Put this inside!”

“Chairman?” The subordinate was stunned when he saw that there were two packets of drugs in Christ’s hand.

Christ looked at him with his cold eyebrows and the subordinate became quiet immediately. “Remember, don’t let him be aware of it!”

“Yes! I will go to do it!”

“Remember to do it secretly. Also, when Hudson was almost drunk, you use his phone to call Winnie. It is either success or failure tonight!” Christ looked at Hudson who kept drinking the wine then stepped outwards.

“Wine!” Hudson called the waiter, “Give me the strongest wine!”

After a while, the waiter gave him the prepared wine. Hudson opened and poured out the wine then continued drinking because there was great pain in his heart. Hudson squinted and suppressed the pain in his heart. He directly drank the bottle at one go.

Why couldn’t he suppress his pain when he knew that she was his sister, and it was impossible for them? Meanwhile, the wine was finished and Hudson who was drunk laid on the table. The cup on his hand had fallen onto the ground and it was shattered into pieces.

“Young master, wake up!” After a while, after ensuring that Hudson had fallen asleep, the man only approached him and brought him to the hotel room. Then, he called Winnie with Hudson’s phone.

“Mrs. Ball, hi! I am a waiter from XX Hotel and your husband was drunk in the bar. Now, he is in Room 2316, and would you please come here?”

picked up the call, she was going to explain that she was

rush there hurriedly and when she just stepped into the

took over the room card then stepped into the lift. After the door was opened, she saw Hudson who was lying on the

big hand and she was slightly shocked because the warm feeling flew from his hand to her

name and Winnie was stunned then put down her bag.

uncomfortable?” Winnie’s delicate face

on Hudson’s face and meanwhile, her heart was tempted again. She could not control herself from loving this

an indifferent

went abroad unexpectedly! He went to the US for three years! After

divorced suddenly

at his handsome face with her hand and felt sorrowful but meanwhile, she felt more helpless. Love could not be forced and

drug began to work and Hudson suddenly grabbed the cold hand on his face

and quickly took out her hand. Unfortunately, he grabbed it


was drunk and unconscious, Winnie was emotionally moved. Her other

muttering softly, Hudson pulled her forcefully onto his

opened his blurred eyes. He could not see anything and everything in front of his eyes was blurred. He could only feel

he tried hard to look at it clearly but

go of me...” Winnie shouted with a low voice anxiously.

was so hot and he turned


was emitting heat incessantly. His whole body was so hot and he tore apart her clothes instinctively. “Esther,

no! Let go of me!” Esther shook her head and her tears were dropping. She was not the substitute of any person. “Let me go, Hudson! I am

want to wake up to destroy this sweet


did not know what the time was when she woke up again.

she saw Hudson

eyes were closed but his deep facial features

this, Winnie’s small face was blushed because she never expected

he was so clumsy and acted instinctively. This made her feel happy but upset as well. Last night, he was not calling Esther anymore afterward, but

do even if she knew it?

after this? How was she going to face him? She was the one taking the initiative to come here and how was she going

might be better for her to leave early

tried hard to suppress her pain and got up. After picking up the clothes on the floor, she

In the Ball family.

and Winnie last night! Mary has gone to

put in double medicine, he was still worried when thinking about Hudson was able to escape after he had been drugged by Tim Perry last time.

are together but I

a copy to Tim Perry as well as Hudson! Do it secretly! Hudson is smart so


cunning smile like

the morning, Hudson held his head which was suffering from great pain after waking up from a hangover. He saw that he was naked under the bedsheet

There were red pieces like plum blossoms. And he lowered his head. Damn! Did this mean that he had done that kind

last night? Urgh! No, it was not Esther because she would not let him do so. Also, Esther was not a

shocked after discovering it and thinking back about the feeling

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