A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 604 I Will Take Responsibility

Hudson looked at it and nodded, but he didn’t know who the sender was. He signed the packet and stared at it as he placed it on the table. He opened it and realized that it was a USB flash drive!

He was taken aback. He frowned and plugged it into his laptop. A video showed a large and luxurious bedroom. Someone was screaming for help and at the same time he could hear a man panting noises, “Hudson, please, I’m not Esther…”

It was Winnie, it was Winnie! The shot was elegant, but it wasn’t really clear. Even so, he could tell who the woman was!

She grasped onto the man tightly and was saying his name over and over indistinctly.


“No…” Hudson slammed the laptop shut, how could it be? How could it be Winnie?

He was stunned and shocked. It was Winnie who was with him last night. He was greatly shocked that he couldn’t speak!

Hudson closed his eyes! He tried to suppress the shock and the confusion he was feeling. He tried to stay calm and played the video again. He watched it patiently and it was him who kept asking for more from Winnie. She was crying throughout the night and she was in pain. She looked happy but at the same time, her face was filled with despair and sorrow. He hurt her!

He thought that he could question her, ask her why she was there. But it looked like she didn’t want it yet he still forced himself on her!

No! Someone had to trick him! Why would he do that?

Even though he practically raped her multiple times last night, he still thought that someone plotted this. He wanted to know the truth and wanted to know the reason why Winnie was there.

He finished watching the video. His hands trembled as he took the USB flash drive out and put it in his safe. His phone then rang, it was Christ. “Hudson, what’s up with you and Winnie? Tim called and said that you did something. What happened?”

“Nothing! I will deal with it!” Hudson quickly rushed to the hotel and checked the surveillance camera. A waiter helped him to his room, nothing unusual. The pub was closing up around the time he was sent back to his room, and so a waiter bringing him back to his room was nothing unusual.

But half an hour later, Winnie rushed over and went into his room!

Hudson took his phone out and called Winnie.

The moment he was going to make the call, he noticed that he called Winnie last night. He was taken aback, the call last only a minute, it was brief.

Hudson quickly went to the Perry family. But the moment he got into the house, he was welcomed by Tim who looked extremely outraged. Hudson was shocked and he thought that maybe Tim had seen the video.

“Tim!” Hudson greeted him politely, “Where’s Winnie?”

“Hudson!” Tim yelled, “You never wanted to give my granddaughter anything when she was with you. Why are you guys together again after you divorce her? Tell me, what is going on?”


“I wanted to ask her that!” said Hudson in a deep voice.

“She came back early in the morning and said that she wanted to go to France. She’s probably at the airport right now!” said Tim coldly. “I don’t know where this video comes from, but I will investigate it! What the heck, nobody is allowed to bully my granddaughter!”

“I will check on it too!” Hudson lowered his head, “I’ll be taking my leave!”

He headed to the airport after her, what was going on?

He made a call and talked to a friend who worked at the airport. He found out that Winnie’s flight to France was about to leave in half an hour.

Hudson drove his car at high speed and arrived at the airport.

saw a weak figure at the boarding zone and was taken aback. She was holding a white bag and her head all droopy. She looked sad

around him was cold, so cold it sent shivers down one’s spine. He grabbed Winnie’s wrist

Winnie looked up in a daze and met Hudson’s cold and vicious

yanked her to a corner and asked angrily, “You want to leave the moment you became my

eyes widened,

thought he was talking about last

video?” said Hudson after pausing

What video?”

face. Suddenly, Winnie’s phone rang, she glanced at Hudson and took the call,

could this be?” Winnie couldn’t believe her ears. She looked up and looked at Hudson, her phone fell from her hand. Her grandfather just told her that there was a video

do you have to say about it?” questioned Hudson coldly. “What’s the point of doing

handsome face closer to her, he was getting closer and closer. She took

her intensely, “Why are you running away after taking

mad she couldn’t

her way with

then it blanched. He accused

and looked at him calmly. She didn’t want to

was out of the window due to the embarrassment and

“Hudson, I see that in your heart I’m such a despicable person! But I just want to say, the

shocked by this news and didn’t know what to do. She just wanted to run away, she wanted to hide,

Hudson grabbed her hand again, “Who used my

no need for Winnie to send the video

lowered her head. She pursed her lips and mumbled

called you with my phone?” he

She smiled bitterly. She looked at him, her eyes were bright but at the same time, it was filled with sadness and anguish. But her eyes


but he told me that you were drunk. He then hung up

talking about this,

of Hudson. She felt weak all over

really wasn’t you who took the video?” he questioned coldly. She

in the video!” Winnie growled, “Why would I do

believe you!” said Hudson out of nowhere. He stared at her watery eyes, he

then yanked her and left

you taking

answer and just shoved her into the

at the airport, they are on

her plane ticket and said, “Wait

and after 15 minutes, he appeared again


“Shut up!” he growled.

didn’t know where he was bringing her, she didn’t know what he was about to do with her. She could only go with him. She felt like a leaf floating in the ocean, not

was driving and all of a sudden

tensed up. After checking that she wasn’t hurt, he stared at her

and didn’t say anything either. She gritted her teeth and realized that nothing

I…” Winnie glanced at Hudson, trying to read

after he resumed his usual cold

the phone. Hudson hung up the call and stared at Winnie, “What do

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