A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 605 Not Fair at All

“What’s wrong?” Esther asked Hudson in a low voice as she sensed something wrong when she saw the gloomy look on Hudson’s face but she didn’t know what had happened in fact.

Hudson looked serious then went speechless.

Elijah’s eyes swept sharply across Hudson’s face with a cold aura when he came downstairs and saw both Hudson and Esther in the living room.

Hudson didn’t evade but met his gaze.

“Hudson Ball!” Elijah said in a deep voice, “You’re an absolute bastard!”

“Ugh…” Esther was stunned. “Elijah, what’s wrong? What did Hudson do?”

Hudson lifted his head and looked coldly at Elijah, “It was a mistake last night! I will investigate it!”

“A mistake?” Elijah interjected coldly.

“Yes,” Hudson said frankly while meeting Elijah’s gaze. “It was a mistake last night! I will take the responsibility!”

But Elijah didn’t relax due to his words. Instead, he just looked at him coldly, “No matter what happened last night, it is your fault to allow this to happen!”

By the moment Esther was still stunned, Elijah gave Hudson a punch who didn’t move away but allowed his fist to be hit on his handsome face.

“Ugh… Elijah, are you crazy?” Esther was about to stop him, “Stop it, Elijah!”

A single punch was beaten on Hudson’s face and Elijah punched again!

This time, instead of suffering from his punch, Hudson took a step backward, dodged the punch, and said in a deep voice, “Go out if you want to fight!”

“Good! Alright!” Elijah said in a deep voice.

Both Tim and Winnie, together with other subordinates who were in the house, were shocked when the two of them who simply began to fight. Esther was the first to block two of them while screaming, “Are you all crazy? Elijah, why do you punch Hudson?”

She held Elijah firmly in her arms, preventing him from going out.

“Ugh…” Winnie was so shocked that she ran out, ignoring that she might fall. By the time she saw Hudson’s jaw was broken, his lips were red and swollen with blood seeping out from the corner of his lips, her eyes were filled with tears as she screamed to Elijah, “Brother, stop it! It was my fault last night, I shouldn’t have gone to the hotel, it is my fault, it has nothing to do with Hudson!”

She was already embarrassed and upset and couldn’t stop her tears from falling. “Stop it! It’s all my fault! Please leave me alone!”

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“Winnie?” Tim asked inquiringly.

to care for me! Please, give me freedom and give him freedom too!

took out her handkerchief and helped him wipe the blood off his lips with her eyes full of misery.

paused for a moment, he didn’t expect that she would refuse and she

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in a daze as he walked out, she then looked back at Elijah who looked serious, and questioned him in anger. “Why do you hit Hudson? What is the problem that you can’t talk about? Why do you want

calling the phone. “I want all the CCTV footage from the XX Hotel last night to determine who showed up in the

Esther asked

“Hudson and Winnie got a room at a hotel last night and they

as she completely didn’t expect such a thing to happen, and she was stunned for a

with an unquestionable majesty and solemnity on his cold face. “I don’t blame him for divorcing Winnie, but after the divorce, he did such a thing, and they were

you beat him savagely just because he and Winnie got a room in a hotel? Shouldn’t you have let Hudson beat you up too when you did the same thing to me?”

I let anyone take a video?” He

my god! What if it spreads out?” Only then did Esther react and started to worry, “But Hudson is still a virgin even though he is finally with Winnie! And Winnie doesn’t suffer any

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be anymore! Thinking about this, she suddenly felt a little sour in her heart even though she did

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Hudson gave his first time to her. Elijah, what about yours? Who do

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