Madisyn replied happily, "Cordell, it's too late."

Cordell complained, "Put Audrey on the phone."

Madisyn then handed the phone to Audrey.

Audrey asked, "Professor Fenton, what's wrong?"

Cordell quickly answered, "Audrey, you are my best student and you're so excellent. Be good and immediately break up with Madisyn's son. I will help you find someone better."

Audrey didn't know what to say.

She had only heard that someone encouraged people to form a romantic relationship, but she had never heard that someone tried to break a couple up.

"Professor Fenton, are you drunk?"

"No, I only drank a bottle of whiskey!"

Audrey persuaded him, "Professor Fenton, you should have a good rest after you drank!"

"I'll go to bed in a while. Don't change the subject. When will you break up with Madisyn's son?"

"Professor Fenton, can we talk about it after you sober up? I'll talk to you later. I got to go."

"Wait. I haven't finished my words!"

Audrey directly hung up the phone and handed the phone to Madisyn.

Madisyn looked at Audrey and nodded with a smile.

Caroline looked at Brisa who looked disappointed and said to Madisyn, "Madisyn, don't you say you have to deal with something later? Should we leave now?"

Madisyn said disapprovingly, "No. By the way, Bryson, Miss Koch, you haven't ordered yet, right?"

Audrey shook her head and answered, "Not yet."

"Waiter, please!"

Caroline was shocked.

Because Madisyn wanted to stay, Caroline could not leave and Brisa could

severed, Brisa saw the ribs on the table and attentively

I remember that you like to eat ribs.


placed it into Audrey's plate, and continued, "Miss Easton said

Audrey was surprised.

Audrey then

was staring at Audrey with

position. Brisa served him the rib, but he directly placed the rib on Audrey's plate. It was not appropriate to throw the rib


could only put down her knife and

"Sorry, I'm going to

"I'll go with you!" Bryson followed closely

Audrey didn't know what

Audrey felt even more embarrassed

is going to the bathroom. Why do you go with

got lost just now when she went to the bathroom, so I'll go with her to avoid her getting lost again." Bryson put his arm around Audrey's shoulder and led her to the

Caroline was shocked.

left, Caroline looked at the tightly

"That's awful."

Madisyn glanced at Caroline

their own thoughts, so we shouldn't

said angrily, "Madisyn, Bryson is the president of the Cordova Group, so he carries a heavy burden

also not ordinary. I believe she will soon become Bryson's



It seemed that Madisyn was

with her, Kylee was fond of Audrey, and Simon was full of

so Caroline thought that she must

Audrey to stay in the Cordova's in the



for you to go

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