A Trust-fund Baby

Chapter57 Don't let Judson come in

Judson drove Sally to the gate of the community and asked Sally, "Mom, tell me the truth. Do you still owe money to others?"

Sally's face suddenly became embarrassed, and she stammered, "Just... there is still 800,000 dollars... and the house has also been mortgaged to the bank..."

Judson frowned deeply. Looking at Judson's face turning gloomy, Sally was too scared to say a word...

At the next moment, Judson took out his mobile phone and transferred two million dollars to Sally and said, "Redeem the house and pay back the money. Remember don't let Diana know about this..."

Sally was shocked when she looked at the two million in the balance of the mobile phone, she was speechless for a long time... Now Judson and Diana had not remarried yet, but Judson not only saved her, but also helped her pay back the money.

Calculating carefully, Judson had already spent several million dollars. Sally felt particularly complicated this time. She raised her hand and slapped herself.

"Judson, it was all my fault before. Don't blame Diana. Judson, you remarry with Diana, okay? I absolutely support you..." Sally said to Judson in a complex mood, and then she took a deep breath. What she feared most now was that Judson would not remarry Diana. Where could she find such a good son-in-law?

Judson lighted a cigarette and took a deep sip, and said, "Mom, I will remarry with Diana. Bruce told you that he would give me the shares of Ray Group, but you don't think too much about it. I didn't ask him for the share, but I asked him for some money. Now I have spent it to help you pay back the money. Heh, do you still support my remarriage with Diana? "

Sally was stunned for a moment, but then quickly nodded, "Judson, I don't care about it. Now that the house is back and the account has been paid off, I'm satisfied. From now on, I just hope you get along well with Diana..."

look at Sally, and then nodded, “Okay, mom, don't let Diana know about all the things today, including the fact that

Now Judson

downstairs. After Sally took out the mortgage contract for the house, Judson took her to the bank

downstairs, Sally got out of the car. Seeing that Judson hadn't come down, she walked to Judson

I'd better try to reduce the time in front of her these days. After all, in

couples who are not conflicted, I have been there... This is all normal." Sally

Sally went upstairs, Judson was about to drive away. At this time, Diana called him suddenly, “I saw you, don't

standing on the balcony on the fourth floor. Diana was looking down at him. Judson nodded


the 70th birthday of Old Lady Shaw, the head of the Shaw Family. Old Lady Shaw was wearing a white dress. Although her hair was gray, she looked

main seat of the first row of the banquet hall. Next to her were the core figures of the Shaw Family, including Diana’s elder uncle Dexter Shaw and his wife, Diana’s second elder uncle Lennox Shaw and his wife, as well

stopped by Diana's cousin, Robbie Shaw. Robbie was dressed in a white suit and looked dapper,

and said, "Diana, you are getting more and more beautiful. You and aunt go in quickly, grandma and the others have already sat

nodded and was about to walk inside, but then Robbie stopped Judson with a sneer, "Judson, don't go in. There are not only Shaw Family members, but also several partners at

my husband, and also a member of the Shaw

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