A Trust-fund Baby

Chapter58 The Arrogant Old Lady Shaw

After entering the banquet hall, Diana walked up to Old Lady Shaw and greeted respectfully, "Happy birthday grandma, I wish you good health and all the best..."

After seeing Diana, Old Lady Shaw nodded and said, “Find a place to sit..." Old Lady Shaw just looked through Diana, and her attitude was completely indifferent.

Diana's second elder uncle Lennox scolded Diana, "Diana, What's the matter with you? Why are you here so late? Don't you know that today is your grandma's 70th birthday?"

Diana said apologetically, "Sorry, I just came back from SKY City today, and I packed my luggage for a long time..."

Lennox sneered, "Hmm, it seems that in your heart, your packing is more important than your grandma's birthday..."

Seeing Lennox’s constant criticism of Diana, Sally couldn’t help but smirked and replied, “Brother Lennox, how can we compare to you? Your family has a big business, and you are the second fiddle of Shaw’s company. But we are in a bad situation. After Mentog was dead, who cared about us?"

As soon as Sally finished speaking, Old Lady Shaw suddenly snorted, "Huh, Sally, you mean to imply that I'm partial and I'm doing something wrong, right?"

Sally sneered and pinched her nails, then said in an ironic tone, "Huh, Mom, how can I dare to speak ill of you? When Mentog was alive, I didn't dare to do that, let alone that he was dead. I am an outsider, who cares if we live or die..."

Old Lady Shaw narrowed her eyes. Lennox slapped on the table, “Sally! How can you talk to mom like that? If you don't want to attend mom's birthday banquet, don't come here, you can go now! "

stopped outside by the Shaw Family. I am also an outsider,

money, Judson still had a relationship with the dignitaries in society. He was friends with Bruce, president of Ray Group, and

she knew? Wasn't Sally meek and subservient in front of the Shaw Family before? And why did she defend Judson so much now? But despite doubts, Diana felt

a family, why are you making trouble like this? Today is Mom's birthday, you and Diana

then spoke to Diana, "Diana, I heard that you sold your company. What are

I... can I go

economic situation is not very good now. I welcome you back to work, but now the company does not have a suitable job position for you, and

this, her eyes dimmed, and then she smiled and said, "Well, it's okay, thank you grandma, I... I will find

Sally to the seat in the distance where there

long after Diana left, she heard uncle Lennox behind her whisper, "She still wants to come back. Is she coming back to share the wealth of our Shaw Family? If she is not married, she can still

hear him. Diana trembled

that the company has no position now? Of course, if you want to come over to be a small

look. Lennox smiled indifferently and stared at her, while Dexter smiled and turned

in an instant. She quietly clenched her fist and said to Lennox, "UncleLennox, uncle Dexter, don't worry, even if I starve to death, I won't come back

worriedly, "Diana, don't take it seriously. Don't be afraid, you still have me and Judson by your side. From

when she heard Sally's words. She nodded vigorously, "well,

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