Accidental love II

Chapter 80 Flash Marriage

The extremely hot kiss quickly made his taste spread in the mouths of the two of them. The air in her mouth was swept away by the powerful kiss.

This time, she was no longer as reserved as before, but responded him awkwardly.

One minute passed, but it looked like a century had passed.

The kiss was over.

Janice turned her face away a little embarrassed. She raised her hand to cover her chest, for fear that Marcus might hear her violent heartbeat.

"If I can, I want to heal my legs first, so that I can truly have you." His sexy voice seemed to so fling. There were other meanings in his words.

She had experienced the sex. How could she not understand that he was referring to have sex?

Would Marcus accept her?

After a moment of daze, she plucked up the courage to ask, "Then what if I am not perfect?"

Janice stared at Marcus intently, but his face didn’t change, making it impossible for her to guess his true emotions.

Did Marcus hate his imperfect wife?

his answer and bit her lips.

the future. At this moment,

if Marcus' answer was no? Was she still qualified to

She felt so upset.

his hands, and then stroked her beautiful face. His movements were extremely

me." Marcus smiled proudly. There was a touch of softness on his

chuckled twice. She didn’t have to ask

front of her. She was

Under a pair of pretty eyebrows, the deep eyes were like stars under the night sky. He had a sense of calmness and introversion that others couldn't ignore. He was low-key and noble. He had not only the elegance

Marcus would definitely become the prince charming for many women. At that time, they would all want to be

even lost her first night. How could she be worthy of such handsome


was like, as if she was blocked by a

was so mad. She widened her eyes because

the man in silver mask who grabbed her first

precious part of a woman. The crimes he committed were so numerous. It would not be an exaggeration to punish him to

time, Marcus frowned slightly, and asked in a deep

what she said seemed weak, "I'm

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