Accidental love II

Chapter 82 The Nightmare

"Don't touch me!" Janice screamed in her dream, waving her arms unconsciously, which woke up the man beside her.

Marcus woke up. He reached his arm to her, and slightly pulled her to his side. Then she rolled into his embrace.

"Janice, you had a nightmare! Wake up!" The man whispered in her ear, for fear that he might scare her.

When Janice was finally awakened by him, she realized that her pajamas had been wetted in cold sweat. She was shivering involuntarily.

Marcus put his hand on her face, stroking it with pity. Then he wiped the sweat off her face with his thumb.

"What nightmare did you have?" His tone was extremely gentle.

She subconsciously covered her chest and couldn’t calm down for a while. She said with a complicated look, "Do you really want to hear it?"

The hazy moonlight shone on Marcus' handsome face from outside the window, making it look so gentle.

"As long as you want to tell me, I'll listen." Marcus replied softly with a nice and soft tone.

Janice could feel his breath on her forehead when he was speaking. His good smell was surrounding her. She wanted to say something but she stopped.

for her to speak. He stroked her fair face, picked up the hair sticking to her face, and put it behind her ears. His movements were extremely natural,

took a deep breath, and summoned her courage to say, "Marcus, I had a bad dream. I dreamt that

speaking, she stared at his stern face. Under his short hair, his

He asked softly, "Did you watch a

sighed inwardly and looked at the man in front of

watched that she had this kind of dream, but she had actually experienced this kind of

how could she tell

smiled bitterly. She

dreams are the opposite. In reality, the

movements were so gentle. It was a kind of

wearing the silver mask again, Janice still felt furious and

another way. Maybe she could prepare herself in advance.

lips and

"Huh?" Marcus asked.

few seconds, and then said again, "I mean if I was really raped, would you

been stabbed with a knife in her heart. Every time she

pursed his lips, making his face look even more angular. However, before she could catch his subtle expression

gentle voice came to Janice's ears

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