It was at night.

Lyra Carroll slept restlessly.

She felt like she was pinned underneath by something and was almost out of breath.

And she could hear heavy and rapid breathing.

Immediately after, a sharp and stabbing pain came from her lower body.

After realizing what happened, Lyra opened her eyes in horror and vaguely saw a person propping up above her. The figure was like a man.

"Melvin, is that ... you?"

The man replied lightly with "hmm". His body was teemed with the strong smell of alcohol. After carrying rounds of attack, this man made no sound.

Hearing the familiar voice, Lyra sighed with relief. As the man moved, she gradually entered the state. Involuntarily, she let out delicate and enjoyable sound.

The attack became more and more fierce. She gritted her teeth and endured the pain. And her whole body sank in this ambiguous atmosphere, as in the clouds.

After three years of marriage, Melvin Freeman finally slept with her!

Because she was chosen by the old Mr. Freeman, Melvin never looked at her properly over the past three years.

This time, he came into her room whatever his reason was.

She was indeed very happy!

Two hours later, with a heavy and muffled grunt, Melvin lay exhaustively on top of her. The moonlight outside the floor-to-ceiling window sketched the contours of his perfect body shape.

Lyra listened to his extremely fast heartbeat. It was so real, yet like a dream.

it was really a dream, she

his neck, almost obsessively, with a

"love you", but heard the man's

was petrified on the

Her heart throbbed fiercely.

first love of Melvin. For the old Mr. Freeman's sake, Charlotte had

Charlotte returned

even sent

place for you

you really think you can replace

loves me. He'll definitely call my name even when he’s having sex with you. You're only worthy of being my stand-in. Lyra, it must be bad to feel this


Freeman as his granddaughter-in-law, the rightful Mrs. Freeman. She was Lyra, not

still hear Melvin's murmur,

sarcastic text messages from Charlotte kept echoing in her

Lyra clenched

she had always been careful to be a good wife of Melvin, and she event

a kind of person who was from unknown origin and extremely snobbish. Repeatedly, they made things difficult for her and humiliated her. Nevertheless, she did not want to cause Melvin any

she humble enough to get his

viciously trample on her

was extraordinarily

stayed awake all


The next morning.


eyes, he saw Lyra sitting by

in his mind. He realized something and closed his eyes tightly with the

could clearly feel the hostility of the man's

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