"Your father said you can choose not to go back now, but you must accept the right to operate the Angle Group in Frayton. It's a subsidiary of Lloyd Group. You need to make the group's profit for the current year five points higher than previous."

"He said that you could refuse, but the Freeman Group could end up very badly as a result."

Lyra gritted her teeth in hatred.

Before the old Mr. Freeman died, she had promised that she would help operate the Freeman Group, so she couldn't let anything happen to the group.

Her dad clearly had known her soft spot this time, but instead of using it to threaten her to go home, he wanted her to take over the Angle Group.

What the hell was he up to?

"Okay, as he wishes!"

Lyra took a pen, signed her name, and took the black gold card in which contained thirty billion dollars.

Looking at the card, she shook her head in amusement.

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